Successful Factors of Human Thinking Successful Factors of Human Thinking (nTElls)

Chris Oleka
wrote in Lifestyle
Posted on 9th March 2020
Last edited 12th May 2020 02:19:23 AM

Successful Factors of Human Thinking


"Dream big, aim high and the sky will be yours to possess"

Dreams comes in different phases, and also in different categories. Some dreams are meant to manifest in the future as it involves you while some are just as a result of your mere imagination and how you hallucinate about it.

You will bear with me that if you want something so much you will end up dreaming about it while sleeping or resting. Some people do daydream while resting due to their persistent desire of achieving something.

Success is getting what you want happiness wanting what you get

When I was about four years old I normally get whatever I want as the last born of the family then but when a new member was welcomed into the family few of those rights were deprived of me as i was no longer the last born, as a result of this I started feeling chagrin, bug when i grew up and recalled those days i begin to realize that everything in this world has its own season.

As an adult you must have realized that you can`t get everything you want and cannot even be satisfied with those ones you get "life gives us what we deserve not what we desire", the only thing we need to do is to adjust to whatever situation life puts us through and hope for the better, but you should know that hope is not a strategy for success but rather an excuse for lazy ones to resist from hardworking.

In Every Will There Is A Way

Everything in this world has more than one way of doing it, not because one door closes you think  that the countdown to your downfall has already been cocked there is always an alternative. But for you to find another way out of the web that you are, you need to think with a clear mind for reasonable people do crosscheck a lot before arriving at a decision while the unreasonable ones do act according to their will without thinking twice. Action without thinking do result to a lot of problems will lead to regrets. According to the universal maxim of Immanuel kant; "we should resolve to behave as if as though our every act were to become a universal law for all people".

Integrity Of One Self

We should mind how we speak be it at home, in the office or public places. Just as Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "Guard your integrity as a sacred thing; nothing at last is sacred except the integrity of your own mind and self". Our integrity is as important as our self respect and should be secured.

You and i know that whenever we feel that we are respected, the endorphins in our body system positioned in the brain will suddenly react positively because we feel proud and that makes us happy.

Learn To Be Acquiescent With Your Mind

Being able to accept what your mind tells you is one thing and the other is negligence. It is not just about accepting what your mind tells you but it is also about doing according to its will.

Negligence is the key to total fiasco. It is true that what your mind tells you sometimes may be wrong but this often happens due to the kind of things you feed to your mind such as anger which results to bad thoughts and gives you unacceptable result relating to the information stored in it.

How To Avoid Being Confused  

It is a natural tendency for us to be confused especially when it relates to something that is above our understanding and is wary.

Sometimes we need to be conative, we need to go straight, deep down into our minds where a lot of things are being processed. In order to dispatch confusion out of our minds, we need to believe in ourselves and our capabilities, we need to be less doubtful about ourselves and learn to rely on our thoughts, even though a mistake arise we will surely figure out a way to solve it.

Some people`s decision that confuses them is based on emotions which is very compulsive. I was once a victim of such, but if you can`t deal with it try to lighten up your heart ? and mind for a fresh wind to blow into your minds and wipe away your worries.

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Francis Izuoba
Francis Izuoba 10th March 2020 12:02:25 AM

Thanks Christopher, I see confusion as a sickness, so many people suffer from it and they need to know how to control this. Nice content, really love this.
10th March 2020 12:02:25 AM

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