Steps to Create a Rainbow Effect on a Photo [PHOTOSHOP] » nTells

Steps to Create a Rainbow Effect on a Photo [PHOTOSHOP] Steps to Create a Rainbow Effect on a Photo [PHOTOSHOP]

Steps to Create a Rainbow Effect on a Photo [PHOTOSHOP] » nTells

Steps to Create a Rainbow Effect on a Photo [PHOTOSHOP] Steps to Create a Rainbow Effect on a Photo [PHOTOSHOP] (nTells)

Steps to Create a Rainbow Effect on a Photo [PHOTOSHOP]

By Francis Izuoba In Art & Graphic Design On 19th February 2020

Francis Izuoba
wrote in Art & Graphic Design
Posted on 19th February 2020
Last edited 9th January 2021 03:51:27 AM
Steps to Create a Rainbow Effect on a Photo [PHOTOSHOP][photoshop]

Rainbow Effect on a Photo (Result) 

(This is what you`d achieve if steps are followed properly)

Steps to Create a Rainbow Effect on a Photo

Step 1 - Open the photo to add a rainbow with Photoshop. (Download a test photo here)

Step 2 - Press (Ctrl + A), then (Ctrl + C), & (Ctrl + N), double the width & height from the Create New dialog. Then click OK.

Step 3 - Create a new layer and select the Gradient tool. Select the closest to rainbow from the option bar (second to the last set of colors).

Step 4 - Use the gradient tool to create a horizontal set of colors on your document, by clicking and dragging upwards, for a short distance on the document.

Step 5 - Go to Filter > Distort > Polarize Coordinates. Click OK

Step 6 - Use (Ctrl + A), to copy the rainbow & then go back to the previous document (photo) to paste the rainbow.

Step 7 - Use (Ctrl + T), to change the size of the rainbow and move it to your preferred position. Now add a layer mask from your layer panel and select the layer mask thumbnail from the layer object.

Step 8 - Select the Brush tool, make your foreground color black and use the brush to erase the unwanted part of the rainbow, starting from the bottom. When you get to the edges, make the brush softer and change the opacity to 50 or below.

Step 9 - Change the bending option of the layer to "Screen" and reduce the opacity of the layer to 40% or below.



Note that Photoshop has different version, since 2007 Photoshop CS3 has been many user`s choice especially beginners. Therefore, the steps shown above was done with Photoshop CS3 (Released in April 2007). Photoshop`s version`s features are similar, so don`t worry, simply read and master your version using these steps.

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