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Steps to Build a Website Steps to Build a Website

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Steps to Build a Website Steps to Build a Website (nTells)

Steps to Build a Website

By Admin In World News On 25th December 2019

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Posted on 25th December 2019
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Steps to Build a Website

To develop a website, before building a website for the first time, one has to understand the different types of website, what the internet is, how website connects, and the process of designing it.

A website is a representation of an online office. A website is also known as a web presence. It is also a related collection of World Wide Web (www) files that include a beginning file called a homepage.


Major types of website

Here are some types of websites you should know.

1. Blog Websites

2. Personal Websites

3. E-commerce Websites

4. Community Building Websites

5. Company Websites

6. Online Business Brochure/Catalog

7. Directory Websites e.t.c

There are different ways to build a website but not every website is easy to design. You can use a content management system like WordPress (I have a post on how to use WordPress to build a website). Or code (using programming languages like C# or PHP) your website as developers like me do.


Simple steps to build a website


1. Get a jotter or notebook, the first page write only the link to the website (domain name)

2. The next page should be titled "Homepage" and the navigation links follows (name and link of website pages eg: About, Services, Contact).

The homepage of every website is a central location of various web pages that are all related and can be accessed by clicking a link to navigate to any page of the website. The homepage should show or contain what your website is all about, contact numbers or email addresses and social links if available, a brief description of every page on the website, and describe any relevant information.


3. The third page shows the full content of the next link after "Home" from the navigation of the homepage and should be titled the same as the name of the link. 

4. This page shows the full content of the second navigation from the homepage. Continue number 4 for all the navigations on the homepage and note that each page must contain only one navigation content. Footer and header can be included if necessary and is always recommended that a page must contain the header (navigations and logo), the body (the content of the present page), and the footer (social links and other relevant links or information.) 



1. Create and rename a folder as the website root folder (it`s recommended you use your domain name as the website folder name to avoid distractions).

2. Create subfolders, rename them as follows: images, contents. Add more if you want but the images folder is where all images needed for the development of the website are kept. The contents folder can contain a subfolder for all CSS files, JS (javascript) files, download files, frameworks files, and other important files.

3. Create empty .html documents with notepad++ or your compiler and rename each of them to the number of navigations you have in your header. Then create a general .css file rename as site.css. Also, a .js file, rename as site.js The CSS files will contain all layouts structures code for your webpages (each .html file in the folder). And JS will contain all codes that deal with the interactivity of the website to users. The HTML files contain HTML language codes (codes the browser reads).

Whether you`re building your website with PHP, ASP, JSP, these steps must be followed except you`re using a content management system like WordPress, everything will be done automatically for you.

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