Melancholy Temperament Strengths and Weaknesses » nTells

Melancholy Temperament Strengths and Weaknesses Melancholy Temperament Strengths and Weaknesses

Melancholy Temperament Strengths and Weaknesses » nTells

Melancholy Temperament Strengths and Weaknesses Melancholy Temperament Strengths and Weaknesses (nTells)

Francis Izuoba
wrote in Lifestyle
Posted on 2nd February 2020
Last edited 9th January 2021 03:07:15 AM
Melancholy Temperament Strengths and Weaknesses

Melancholy Temperament 

Personality & mind of the melancholic temperament 

(Temperament Test)

 An analytical intellect; detail-oriented. Efficient, realistic, pragmatic. Reflective, studious, philosophical. Retentive faculty of memory well-developed. Thinking can be too rigid, dogmatic. A prudent, cautious, pessimistic mental outlook. practical, pragmatic, realistic, reliable, dependable.
A reflective, stoic, philosophical bent can be nervous, high strung. serious, averse to gambling, risk-taking can be moody, depressed, withdrawn can easily get stuck in a rut. They are but feebly excited by whatever acts upon them.
The reaction is weak, but this feeble impression remains for a long time and by regular similar impressions grows stronger and at last excites the mind so passionately that it is difficult to get rid of it. Melancholic temperament is by far the richest, most creative, innovative and sensitive of the personality types.


  1. The Melancholic Temperament Test tends to be the most problematic since it`s contrary to the Sanguine. Some qualities that distinguish Melancholy from others are; Inclination to reflection, Love of withdrawal, the serious conception of life, Inclination to passivity, Melancholic is reserved, the melancholic is indecisive, the melancholic is pessimistic, the melancholic is slow, the melancholic has pride, Perfectionism, Tendency to arguments, Possessiveness, Sensitiveness.


    Strengths of melancholic temperament

    1. Melancholic usually possesses sharp and profound intellect.
    2. The melancholic serious view of life helps him to find a proper place in the world both in private and in his career.
    3. The melancholic person is self-motivated and does not respond to the promise of reward or the threat of punishment
    4. The melancholic is often a great supporter of his family, friends, and co-workers.

    Weaknesses of melancholic temperament

    1. It is difficult for a melancholic to forgive offenses.
    2. While melancholic is very faithful, loyal friend and spouse, the loss of a deep relationship (even by death) is devastating to him.
    3. He sees everything from the dark side. He is grumpy, always draws attention to the serious side of affairs, complaints regularly about the distortion of people, bad times, the downfall of morals and more
    4. He is very suspicious.
    5. Melancholic may easily lose confidence in his friends or co-workers because of slight defects which he discovers in them, which he considers as unacceptable.
    6. He is strongly annoyed and provoked by disorder or injustice. The cause of his annoyance is often justifiable, but rarely to the degree felt

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  • Melancholy Temperament Strengths and Weaknesses

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