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Manifestations of the Ego II Manifestations of the Ego II

Manifestations of the Ego II » nTells

Manifestations of the Ego II Manifestations of the Ego II (nTells)

Manifestations of the Ego II

By Godwin Nwaokike In Enlightenment On 2020/09/23

Godwin Nwaokike
wrote in Enlightenment
Posted on 2020/09/23
Last edited 16th January 2021 03:04:15 AM
Manifestations of the Ego II

Manifestations of the Ego II - The divine in us is what we call God. So, God is in you and is also in every other person. We are therefore one for God does not have parts. Because God does not have parts, he can never come apart. God is love and by being who we are we can manifest love. One who manifests love is not empty. In fact, we cannot be empty. But living through the ego often results in a feeling of emptiness. Then you feel a void in you; you feel that something is missing in you; you feel that you are not whole. But we were created in the image of God, in God’s love. Feeling empty therefore is not a natural expression for anyone. Feeling empty comes from a false belief that we are separate from the divine. Feeling empty then is an indication that we have separated ourselves from our Being. The ego is in control.

The ego promises to offer us joy and peace. But the ego is an illusion so whatever it offers can never be real, permanent, or fulfilling. Regardless of how you try to fill yourself with what the ego offers you, you will never be permanently satisfied by that. Usually the ego starts by offering us small “gifts.” We get the gifts and are temporarily satisfied. Soon the same gifts that were satisfying become unsatisfying and even meaningless. The ego does not give us the chance to question what has happened and before you know it, it is offering another gift, a bigger gift. We get this gift and it seems as if the feeling of emptiness has been taken care of. Before long, the feeling returns, maybe even stronger. You try to ask why but the ego offers a bigger illusion. It is time for you to realize that whether these gifts, these illusions, are big or small, they can never fill you up. It is time for you to awaken and be conscious.

If you try to ask, “How come I was satisfied by this a while ago but I am not now? Why?” the ego becomes nervous because its existence is being threatened. The ego does not like being questioned, it does not want questions. Asking questions is a step towards consciousness and consciousness cannot co-exist with the ego. Consciousness dissolves the ego. The ego, in an attempt to keep us from asking questions, keeps us busy. When you are busy, you hardly find time to question the ego. So the ego fills your time with as many illusions as possible. Then you find it difficult to be still by yourself. You cannot bear to be alone all by yourself. 


You dread that. You would rather be preoccupied with outings, watching TV or movies, going online to view posts and pictures or chat on social media.  These are some of the means the ego uses to prevent you from being who you are. You remain unconscious. The ego is ready to defend till death that the illusions it offers are truth. You often buy into these illusions as truth. But illusions are false, they are nothing. That is why illusions cannot fulfill anyone. The ego is keeping you from experiencing peace, love, and joy. These are eternal and they are aspects of your Being. You have them already but the ego obstructs you from experiencing them.

To recognize the truth, start by questioning the illusions. The word recognize means to “know again.” This implies that you knew before. The truth is already in you, what you have to do is to recognize it. As you begin to be conscious, you will increasingly be unable to tolerate false beliefs and illusions.

When you begin this search in you to know who you are, the ego will not let go without a fight. Then it becomes fearful, fearful of the light. The ego lives in darkness and consciousness beams light on it. Where there is light, there cannot be darkness; where there is consciousness, the ego dissolves. Ego cannot withstand consciousness just as darkness cannot withstand light. Darkness reigns in the absence of light; ego rules where consciousness is not. So on your way to consciousness, the ego fights and tries to defend itself. It makes you feel uncomfortable and tells you that you are being ridiculous. By continuing your steps towards consciousness, the power of the ego over you weakens. You start seeing its illusions clearer. It wants to take you back to where you have been but you are already seeing the falsity of what it offers. You have heard the defenses of the ego before but now you no longer believe them. You choose not to blindly follow the ego. Enlightenment has come, awareness is rising. You are awakening.

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