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Letter to Mr. Death Letter to Mr. Death

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Letter to Mr. Death Letter to Mr. Death (nTells)

Letter to Mr. Death

By Mustapha Oyeleke In Enlightenment On 3rd July 2020

Mustapha Oyeleke
wrote in Enlightenment
Posted on 3rd July 2020
Last edited 15th January 2021 01:45:51 PM
Letter to Mr. Death

Mr. Death who are you truly, and what did you want from me? 
We all know that you are death and the permanent sensation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism. 
Mr. Death 💀, if I`ve been born to withness the sweetness of the world, am not expecting you to come and take my soul away. 
Mr death 💀, what does it cost to love the world and left it alone without taking any property along, including wealth.
Mr. Death 💀, invisible you are, came into a home and breakdown the family, you came into the nation and breakdown the countries, you turn happiness to sadness, turn light to darkness, with fear in our hearts. 
Mr. Death 💀, I succeeded in this bloodless world with a sunken heart, my boots full of pride, with rainbow colors across the sky, with my youth corper service uniform. 
Without any achievement, now you knocking on my door that my time is over on earth. 
Mr. Death 💀, what can I do for you to sustain my life? I have a lot of gifts for you, money, gold and silver, including my cars and houses.
If all this can`t be accepted from me, then I need to prepare myself always, because I know Mr. Death is inevitable. 
Mr. Death 💀, I have always been prepared for the day and moment you will be paying me a visit.
Mr. Death 💀, I know you`re a challenge, telling us not to wast time, telling us to inform each other of how much we love each others, telling us that what we have once enjoyed deeply we can never lose that all, but all we love deeply became a part of us after death.

I do question myself, where will I be on that day? 
E.g sleeping, church, mosque, work, sitting or standing. 

My heart always beat, with tears in my eyes, wondering how that day will look like when you attack me. 

Mr. Death 💀, when you knock me down and my heart is under attack, victory is yours because it has been destiny to die.
Nobody want to die, but we all want to make heaven.


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Abiola Hamdalat
Abiola Hamdalat 7th July 2020 12:54:46 AM

Just make sure you try your best in everything you are doing in life, death is inevitable!
7th July 2020 12:54:46 AM

Precious Sandra
Precious Sandra 5th July 2020 01:09:36 AM

This is so touching.. I really feel emotional now. Sounds like death is really alive. Still thinking.
5th July 2020 01:09:36 AM

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