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Intuition IV

By Godwin Nwaokike In Enlightenment On 2020/09/27

Godwin Nwaokike
wrote in Enlightenment
Posted on 2020/09/27
Last edited 16th January 2021 10:05:32 AM
Intuition IV

Intuition IV

Ego separates through thought; Being connects through intuition. When you show up and follow the path that your intuition is telling you, your action expands you. You create something new and people benefit from your creation. Your work then speaks to other people, telling them to be Present.

In listening to your intuition, you do not need to prove anything, either to yourself or to others. Some people hear the Inner Voice and then try to get others to understand why they will be taking the action they intend. You do not need someone else’s permission to follow your intuition. What you feel is inside you. You feel it and you know it is real. They don’t feel it. So in following your intuition, you do not need to make them understand.

You may feel your intuition but not every feeling is an intuition. “Trust your feelings,” you may hear someone say. But where is that feeling arising from? This important question tells you whether to trust that feeling or not. As long as you have a feeling, acknowledge the feeling. 

However, that feeling may not be the truth so you do not have to take every feeling to be the truth. Your mind has been conditioned by your experience, your past, so it is easy for your mind to misinterpret a situation because it looks at a situation with the eyes of the past. Fear then may arise and you may regard this fear as your intuition speaking whereas it is not. Your conditioned mind has interpreted a situation, your body is reflecting your mind’s interpretation and you have fear. This feeling, this fear arises from your mind.


But there is a different kind of feeling that originates from somewhere deeper in you. It does not come out of the conditioning of your mind but from Presence. Intuition is not tainted by negativity such as fear, anger, or anxiety. It is not a nervous energy, and the feeling comes with peace. There is no rationalization, so you may not be able to explain it to yourself or others but you know it is right – it is right for you.

Intuition is the intelligence of your Being which is beyond the rational mind. It is holistic and does not separate. What will help you follow your intuition is trust. You have to trust you. That will be hard for you to do as long as you still have fear in you. Your mind identified state has produced fear. Fear and trust however cannot go together. Trust is simply the absence of fear. Trusting yourself goes beyond making the affirmation, “I trust myself.” Affirmation may help at first but an affirmation is no more than a signpost pointing to you the reality. When you arrive at the reality of trusting yourself, you do not need the signpost any more. Imagine Aliko Dangote looking at his bathroom mirror saying, “I am a billionaire.” He does not need to do that because that is his reality so he needs no signpost to point him to that. Affirmations may be used at the transitional stage but when you arrive at the reality, they become unnecessary.

Intuition IV


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