How to use Actions Prepare a Paperback Book Cover [PHOTOSHOP] » nTells

How to use Actions Prepare a Paperback Book Cover [PHOTOSHOP] How to use Actions Prepare a Paperback Book Cover [PHOTOSHOP]

How to use Actions Prepare a Paperback Book Cover [PHOTOSHOP] » nTells

How to use Actions Prepare a Paperback Book Cover [PHOTOSHOP] How to use Actions Prepare a Paperback Book Cover [PHOTOSHOP] (nTells)

Francis Izuoba
wrote in Art & Poetry
Posted on 19th February 2020
Last edited 9th January 2021 10:39:49 AM
How to use Actions Prepare a Paperback Book Cover [PHOTOSHOP][photoshop]

Paperback Book Cover Photo (Result) 

(This is what you`d achieve if steps are followed properly)

Steps to use Actions Prepare a Paperback Book Cover

Step 1Download a Book Cover Action File. A .atn extension file type (Click here to download file now). 

Step 2 - Copy the file to the folder - (C:UsersUsernameAppDataRoamingAdobeAdobe Photoshop CS3PresetsActions) or Save in any folder in your system

Step 3 Launch your Photoshop CS3 and activate Window > Actions (or Timeline).

Step 4 In the action pane, click on the option icon (the 3 small horizontal lines with small drop down arrow at the top-right section of the pane) and select Load Actions, then search in folder(s) and select the Book Cover file you downloaded (search in folder saved in step 2).

Step 5 In the Action pane, click on the drop-down beside the Book Cover Folder, select the Step 1, click on the Play Selection icon below and wait for few seconds to load it`s steps.

Step 6 Before clicking the play button for Step 2, add the title of your book, author, redesign the front-page and other part of the book cover to your taste, but do not unlock the Background layer throughout the process.

Step 7You can now save to any image file type listed above.

Note that you can always create any project, open your action pane and record the whole process of your design for reuse. And some .atn file type may have more than 2 steps, just make changes before you continue with the next step. 



Note that Photoshop has different version, since 2007 Photoshop CS3 has been many user`s choice especially beginners. Therefore, the steps shown above was done with Photoshop CS3 (Released in April 2007). Photoshop`s version`s features are similar, so don`t worry, simply read and master your version using these steps.

Where you able to achieve the result above?

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  • How to use Actions Prepare a Paperback Book Cover [PHOTOSHOP]

  • Title How to use Actions Prepare a Paperback Book Cover [PHOTOSHOP]
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