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How to Prepare Club Sandwich How to Prepare Club Sandwich

How to Prepare Club Sandwich » nTells

How to Prepare Club Sandwich How to Prepare Club Sandwich (nTells)

How to Prepare Club Sandwich

By Francis Izuoba In Health & Wellness On 2021/06/24

Francis Izuoba
wrote in Health & Wellness
Posted on 2021/06/24
Last edited 24th June 2021 11:54:45 PM
How to Prepare Club Sandwich

The club sandwich is the easiest breakfast meal or snacks to prepare, it is eaten a lot in Nigeria, even though it`s not originally from there.

A club sandwich is served in hotels, flights and restaurants, but you can easily make them at home for your breakfast, as well as snacks for the kids to enjoy at school.

Recipe serves one


Ingredients to prepare Club Sandwich

1. 4 or more slices of bread
2. 2 hardboiled eggs. Chopped
3. 1 medium carrot grated
4. 1 fresh tomato - deseeded and chopped
5. 1 teaspoon butter - Quater of a small cabbage
6. 2 tablespoon mayonnaise
7. 1 sardine

Steps on how to prepare Club Sandwich

1. Wash all the vegetables very well.

2. Scrape the carrots and remove the seeds from the tomato.

3. Grate the carrots and cabbage using the small holes of a grater.


4. Cut the tomato into very tiny pieces.

5. Cut the hard-boiled egg into tiny pieces.

6. Add the mayonnaise to the carrot, tomato, egg and cabbage. Mix well then set aside.

7. In a separate plate, mash the sardine with a fork and mix with the margarine.

8. Use a bread knife, cut off the crusty ends from the slices of bread.

9. Take one slice of bread spread the margarine and sardine mix on one side of it and cover with the second slice of bread.

10. Repeat the above step with the remaining two slices. By then you should have two separate slices of bread that are stock together by the margarine and sardine mix like this.

11. Then, take the first two 2 slices rubs the carrot, cabbage tomato, egg and mayonnaise mix on one side of it and cover with the other two slices

12. By then all the slices of bread should be struck together with 2 fillings of the sardine and margarine mix and 1 filling of mayonnaise mix on the middle.

13. Cut the sandwich into the desired shape of your choice, serve the club sandwich with a chilled refreshing drink yummy!

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