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How to Learn Chemistry - Chemistry Rules How to Learn Chemistry - Chemistry Rules

How to Learn Chemistry - Chemistry Rules » nTells

How to Learn Chemistry - Chemistry Rules How to Learn Chemistry - Chemistry Rules (nTells)

How to Learn Chemistry - Chemistry Rules

By Joan Phil In Enlightenment On 4th January 2020

Joan Phil
wrote in Enlightenment
Posted on 4th January 2020
Last edited 4th January 2021 08:59:16 AM
How to Learn Chemistry - Chemistry Rules

Chemistry Rules - The world of chemistry is so vast. Jesus says in Matthew chapter 7 vs 21-22 "...not everyone who calls me lord.. lord!" will enter the kingdom of heaven but only those who do what my father in heaven wants them to do. It is not all that says " offering chemistry" that will learn and pass it well but those that devote their time with all seriousness that will excel very well in the subject.
Chemistry has rules and regulations just like every other thing has rules and regulations, which should be adhered to by any student who hopefully wants to excel greatly well in chemistry. Here I have seven rules which you must strictly follow in order to pass chemistry; be it in classwork, assignment, examinations and so on.


6 Powerful Chemistry Rules

I.  Observing Measurements

Observing safety measurements in labs while carrying out chemistry experiments.

II.  Always Read it

Reading it as often as you can on a daily basis so that it remains in you and you in it. Because as I said before it is vast.

III.   Being attentive

This is the word most children fail to understand. Some children might be in the class but they are body present; absent-minded. Which brings about a decrease in their performance in their class activities. So when the chemistry is being taught, pay attention.

IV.  In the aspect of calculations:

Make sure you take the correct measurement to avoid miscalculation and errors during the practicals.


V. Get Assignments Ready

Doing any form of assessments (project, class exercise, take-home assignment when given.

VI. Doing corrections

Doing corrections of any question you fail, whether in an examination or any other thing, so that you dont fail it again.

VII. Always attend chemistry lectures

The last but not the least no missing of chemistry class: some student don`t like attending classes. When being asked they give answers like the teacher is boring, she asks so many questions and so many others. Please don`t miss the chemistry class.
And also loving and respecting your chemistry teachers. There is a saying "woe betide you, he who disrespects and insults your teacher because that the beginning of your downfall".
When you adhere to these rules, you will see yourself always happy as a scholar and more so, grow with it to any level in life.
When it is time for examination; all those who followed the rules would see themselves excelling in WAEC at distinction, scoring 80% and above in chemistry jamb or other exams. When this is done you enter into the tertiary institution with ease not buying your admission with money.

Success in Chemistry - Conclusion

There is an adage that says "suffer before pleasure". For one to enjoy, you must go through some problems and difficulties. You must make some sacrifices. You must be diligent and painstaking when faced with any task.
In summary, if you wish to excel in chemistry, you must marry her like a husband and overlook all the headaches it gives, for you will overcome them in a short period of time and success will be yours.

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