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Hold on to Your Dreams and Never Let go Hold on to Your Dreams and Never Let go

Hold on to Your Dreams and Never Let go » nTells

Hold on to Your Dreams and Never Let go Hold on to Your Dreams and Never Let go (nTells)

Hold on to Your Dreams and Never Let go

By Chris Oleka In Enlightenment On 2020/08/01

Chris Oleka
wrote in Enlightenment
Posted on 2020/08/01
Last edited 1st August 2020 11:53:12 AM
Hold on to Your Dreams and Never Let go

Dreams: There are set of people who usually look down on what they can do thinking that they are useless. This is caused by lack of faith. Sometimes your friends might be the one to weigh you down with their pessimistic words, but don`t let that get to you.

Dreams and Life

Dreams are precious. People see dreams as nothing but to an optimistic person, it is something that you can hold on to.

If you dream to be a successful elite in life, never miss any opportunity that comes your way. Never miss any opportunity that will lead you towards your goal in life.

Dreams: The Here Inside You

We are all born with a special gift. There`s always a hero in us even in the mind of a pessimist. Look for the hero within you because everyone is born with a purpose. However, you should know that no one is born by mistake as everyone has a reason to be born into this world. You need to make optimism your target if you want to attain your peak point.

Don`t Take bad Compliments to Your Heart


You can`t just say that you cannot, you can`t just give up on your journey to success just because you were given a bad compliment on that. Keep in mind that your journey to success is not just a journey but also a quest. Which means that you should do everything humanly possible to make it a reality.

Success don`t just come by miracle, and I know that some people will prove me wrong on this. But the very truth is that you must strive to work hard before you can experience a miracle in your life.

Fasting and Success

Some unbelievable people thinks that if they fast day and night, that they will achieve that which they desire without putting hard-work. Let me make this clear to you, without hard-work, without striving to work hard, dreams are meaningless.

As I said, each and every human being on earth is born for a reason, and in order to make that purpose to come true, you need to work hard. Not only just working hard, but also putting in all your effort into it.

Never give up on whatever you have started that will make a good impact on you no matter what. No matter the discouragement, no matter the circumstances, no matter what anyone says to you. You should know that the dream is yours to fulfill not theirs.

So my advice to you is to overlook any discouraging advice and look forward to achieving your inner goal.


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