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Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts

Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts » nTells

Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts (nTells)

Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts

By Francis Izuoba In Health & Wellness On 2020/12/29

Francis Izuoba
wrote in Health & Wellness
Posted on 2020/12/29
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Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts

Tiger nuts also known as chufa, atadwe, yellow nutsedge or earth almonds, are not actually nuts but rather edible tubers.

Its scientific name is Cyperus esculentus. It is a crop of the sedge family with a widespread across most parts of the world.

It is found in southern Europe, Africa, Madagascar, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent.

They are a size of a chickpea but wrinkly with a chewy texture and sweet nutty flavor similar to coconuts.

Tiger nuts were one of the first plants cultivated in Egypt and they were used for both food and medicine.

It is rich in various nutrients and vitamins that help our body grow well for proper development.

1. Rich in Nutrients

It contains a variety of nutrients and beneficial plant compounds.

Their specific nutrients contents depend on the type. The tiger nuts are of three types black, brown, yellow.

They contain calories, fibers, carbs, protein, fat, Vitamin E, Iron, Phosphorus, Vitamin C, magnesium, Zinc, Potassium and Calcium.

Tiger nuts also contains Antioxidants which are beneficial compounds that protect your body against aging and diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

It also contains antinutrients such phytates, oxalates, saponins and tannins which can reduce nutrients absorption in your guts.

2. Tiger Nuts improves digestion

Tiger nuts may improve digestion in the following ways

They contain a reasonable amount of fiber which normally aid in digestion in the body.

They also contain resistant starch, a type of fiber that can feed the friendly bacteria in your gut, which helps you in digestion.

Furthermore, it also contain enzymes like catalase, lipase and amylases which help breakdown food in your gut.

Note that a high percentage of fibre in your body may cause unpleasant gas and bloating.


3. Reduces Blood sugar level

Animal studies has shown that tiger nuts extract reduces the level of sugar in the blood. This may be due to its high fiber content.

It is also rich in amino acid arginine, which may increase insulin production and sensitivity.

Test tubes has shown that it may inhibit the actions of carbohydrate digesting enzymes in your gut. As a result of this, less sugar will be absorbed.

4. Tiger nuts improves Heart Health

It is partly because of its high monou saturated fats it contains.

Diets rich in monounsaturated fats are associated with a lower risk of heart attack, stroke and death from heart diseases.

It is also rich in arginine, a compound that helps arteries and veins dilate, hence reducing blood sugar.

5. It may act as an Aphrodisiac

Tiger nuts has a history of been used to boost libido.

They are used as Aphrodisiac in ayurvedic medicine.

In Nigeria, men have used it for many years to treat erectile dysfunction, increase sperm count and boost libido.

Studies shows that tiger nuts helps preserve testicular weight and sperm production following heavy metal poisoning.

In other studies, eating tiger nuts over a long period of time helps increase testosterone levels, boosted sexual activities and reduce intromission time between mating and sessions

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