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Guide to sell using Facebook Business Page Guide to sell using Facebook Business Page

Guide to sell using Facebook Business Page » nTells

Guide to sell using Facebook Business Page Guide to sell using Facebook Business Page (nTells)

Guide to sell using Facebook Business Page

By Francis Izuoba In Digital Marketing On 4th April 2020

Francis Izuoba
wrote in Digital Marketing
Posted on 4th April 2020
Last edited 13th January 2021 07:05:03 PM
Guide to sell using Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Page - When it comes to Social Media Marketing, Facebook is the best platform marketers use. In this write-up, I`ll show you the simple ways you can sell any product or services on Facebook using Facebook Business Page.

The Facebook store is a great feature on Facebook, that allows you to easily set up an online store and helps you boost your sales. The steps on how to sell items on Facebook Business Page using Business Steps are listed below.

The Facebook store is a page where you can see, sell your products to reach a wider customer base. Some people refer to this service as Facebook Shop.

Do you know that Facebook has over 4 billion active users monthly? This is a good reason why you should have a Facebook shop and meet many potential customers.

With all these Facebook users, a business person will be attracted to start a Facebook Online Store or Facebook Business Page to appeal to Facebook users and bring in their custom.


Ways to Setting up a Facebook Store to learn how to sell products or services on Facebook Business Page

First set up a Facebook Business Page first. After setting up the Facebook Business Page, you can start selling on Facebook simply by creating a tab for your store on this page.

Facebook has made sales easy for its members by creating this special feature. Presently, selling an item on Facebook Store is one of the trending and latest features made by Facebook groups.

Setting up this is so that when a member visits your Facebook Page and clicks on your Store Tab can purchase your products immediately, directly on your Facebook Store.

Do you know that growing your Facebook audience/community can help get members to buy from your Facebook Store?


Facebook community is another excellent way to grow your business. It has excellent tools that make it super easy for you to target users with specific interests, share (viral marketing) your content.


Easy ways to start selling on Facebook?

Website builders are services that you can use to set up your Facebook Store easily, without requiring you to start coding the page. This is important for selling through Facebook and creating your Facebook Store with advanced settings. Then all you need to do is add an application to your online store.

Step 1 - Open the Facebook website or use your mobile phone app. You can download the application from the Facebook website if you wish to.

Step 2 - Log in to your Facebook account by providing your email address or phone number that was used during registration. Next, enter a password and then click on the Login option to proceed.

Step 3 - Search for `pages` by typing pages on your Facebook search text field above. You can then get full results of Pages. Click on your choice.

Step 4 - You will then find a status box on the page that you have clicked on. Scroll down to search more and then click on Write a post option.

Step 5 - Next, provide your detail of the item you want to sell. Provide the name of the item, location of the item, description of the item and any further info.

Finally, click on Post above your screen and share on groups using the 7 Facebook group marketing strategies to create awareness. 

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