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By Michael Kuseme In Life & Meaning On 2020/09/16

Michael Kuseme
wrote in Life & Meaning
Posted on 2020/09/16
Last edited 16th January 2021 02:25:01 AM

We are perfect beings

Anger, pride, envy, gluttony, hate, covetousness, and the likes are vices that creep into our life. From the very beginning we were created, it is said that, "We are perfect beings". Now one may ask, "Where does these vices come from? And how do I get rid of this vices?"

Until we understand that there is a unique essence to our existence, we may be blind to see the drama that goes on within us.

These vices are manifestations of a false self trying to stand as a blockage to our true self, our true identity, the reality of our existence.

The divine love of the creator

The false self stands as a god, it makes one lose site of his/her true essence. A human being is created to experience the Divine love of the creator, to be fully united with him and to dwell in his presence. Only if we can conform to this reality, we lose our true essence.

What does this false self do? It objectifies itself against God and others in the world. It is a self referenced being. Consider this illustration, clasp your hands together firmly. This represents our loving union in the love of God, our true essence of living. Unclasp your hands and stretch out your right arm fully to the side. When we begin to experience this change, this anger, envy, hate, covetousness, gluttony, pride and the others - our false self - we loose our being from God`s loving clasp and hold ourselves apart from God as a self-referenced being.


This false self makes it difficult to move ourselves back to our true nature It makes us unable to achieve wholeness, unable to return to the clasp of God`s love. Our false self is hopelessly, unalterably imprisoned in its self-referenced way of being.

How do we overcome this false self and self-referenced being?

This is where we have to let go of our selfish will. It is the abandonment of our false self, the relinquishment of our the self-referenced being. This false self must be crucified, if we are to become glorified or have the same nature with God. This death is extremely painful, everything in your false self screams out against its death. This is truly dying to false self. We must let go of this false self, and it is by letting go that we experience the love of God and the true essence of our being.

It is in doing this that God comes to us to offer himself to us in a loving union with him as our maker. God is the only one in the very essence of himself. He comes to liberate us from destructive bondage from which we cannot liberate ourselves, and to enable us to be restored to his divine love and our true nature and essence. He brings light to our darkness, cleansing to the sins committed when we are still blinded by our false self, life into our deadness, healing into our brokenness, liberation into our bondage, God nurtures us into wholeness of our true self.

Therefore, before we can experience freedom from our false self, we must acknowledge the presence of this false self. We must go within to crucify and put to death this self, we must enter into the core fully and also acknowledge that God is present to assist us in this process. God comes to liberate us through this acknowledgement. Freedom from this bondage of falseness is thereby achieved, and we begin to see ourselves as free and united in the Divine loving union with God.

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