Feeding the Greedy while the Needy Suffers » nTells

Feeding the Greedy while the Needy Suffers Feeding the Greedy while the Needy Suffers

Feeding the Greedy while the Needy Suffers » nTells

Feeding the Greedy while the Needy Suffers Feeding the Greedy while the Needy Suffers (nTells)

Feeding the Greedy while the Needy Suffers

By Stephen Burkhart In Life & Meaning On 24th December 2019

Stephen Burkhart
wrote in Life & Meaning
Posted on 24th December 2019
Last edited 3rd January 2021 12:40:58 PM
Feeding the Greedy while the Needy Suffers

The election is coming soon. Politicians pushing forward to retain their comfort zone others struggling to take over while Nigerian heads high to see the next leader. But the question is this; Must we continue to feed the greedy while the needy suffer.  This is the time we allow common sensible people to lead this country. We are blinded by voting for political parties rather than individuality.

You`ll see politicians moving from one political party to another to get their national cake and not just that, looking for futures of Nigerians to pocket. It is the right time we re-activate our senses. Now election is at the corner; do we hear of Boko-haram, do we hear of herdsmen killings, ASUU called off the strike. Nigerian, we need to think and choose the right.


We must not keep on feeding the greedy while the needy suffer. They talk their children abroad on money corruptly acquired. Live in houses corruptly acquired. They do everything on the bases of things that are corruptly acquired and when a person agitate to stop them, they frustrate or go the extra mile to kill the person. These are the people we want to vote in whose conscience is dead.

What my Country Nigeria Lacks

What we lack in our country Nigeria or African at large is punishment. If they are guilty of the above statement, then why are we celebrating thieves. Sometimes we camouflage theft by calling them nice names like money laundering, fraud, which makes them sound handsome. Let`s call these men and women by their names; they are thieves stealing on an industrial scale.


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