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Engineering Masters award at McMaster University Canada Engineering Masters award at McMaster University Canada

Engineering Masters award at McMaster University Canada » nTells

Engineering Masters award at McMaster University Canada Engineering Masters award at McMaster University Canada (nTells)

Engineering Masters award at McMaster University Canada

By Francis Izuoba In Digital Educational Resources On 2020/10/20

Francis Izuoba
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Posted on 2020/10/20
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Engineering Masters award at McMaster University Canada

McMaster University Canada

 Technology is becoming an important part of academic life. If you want to build a career in the field of engineering and enhance technical skills, you should apply for the international Engineering Honours Awards offered by McMaster University Canada.

The educational award is open to supporting international students in order to pursue a bachelor`s degree program at the university in Canada.

One good thing about educational awards is that you pay nothing for it. When you hear award you might think it`s a frame but no it`s just another way of saying scholarship.

The award like it is written in the second paragraph is to help international students but to go further, it is to help international students who cannot afford the tuition fee.

You can be an international student but can afford the tuition fee comfortably, there is no need to apply for the award. Give others a chance, others who can`t pay for their tuition a chance to look above their shoulders, a chance to breathe Well and sleep at night.

Founded in 1887, McMaster is a public research university ranked 90th in the world and 3rd highest in Canada. McMaster University has a long history of excellence in industry-driven research and students focused on education.

While studying at McMaster, students can gain international work experience and also acquire valuable leadership opportunities.



McMaster University



Course level



Up to $2500

Access mode


No of Awards

Not known




The Award can be taken in



Eligible Countries

Application are open to all over the world

Acceptable Courses or Subjects

The sponsorship will be awarded in Bachelor of Technology Engineering

Admissible Criteria

To be eligible, the applicant should have high school certificates with a good academic record.

How to Apply

How to apply

In order to apply for this application, students must enrol in the bachelor of engineering coursework at the University.

After been a registered student, you will be automatically considered for an educational bursary.

Supporting documents

Applicants must attach the following documents to their application form.

  • Academic transcript
  • SAT/ACT result
  • AP test result

Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted, you need to meet entry requirements for each qualification you plan to study.

Language Requirements

Applicants must meet the English language Requirements of the University.


The University will provide the amount of the award varying from $500 - $2500 to the high achieving candidates.

So if you`re an engineering student who want to specify in technology and you have no money for your sponsorship do well to meet all the requirements highlighted above

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