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Eclipse Of The Heart And Mind

By Chris Oleka In Enlightenment On 1st April 2020

Chris Oleka
wrote in Enlightenment
Posted on 1st April 2020
Last edited 3rd October 2020 08:20:27 AM

The mind is the part of our responsible for judging how we feel about a particular thing or another.

The reason why we always feel weardown about what someone tells us is because our mind of how our mind classified it to be. If you are being honoured you will feel highly optimistic because your mind classified that as a gratitude. It is the work of the mind to know if what someone said or did to you or for you is a disrespect or just normal.

While the heart is the part of your body responsible for how you feel towards something or someone.

According to science the heart is the organ of the body responsible for the pumping of blood, but that is not it`s only function. It is responsible for controlling how we feel towards something especially matters relating to love it emotional issues.

Similarities Between The Heart And Mind

Even though their functions somehow differs from the other they also have something in common which is that they both determine how we feel. The mind judges what it hears while the heart expresses what it feels.

Differences Between The Both Of Them

The heart doesn`t think it feels, but the mind is related with thinking as it has to judge what is going to be processed.

Our heart is a physical structure that can be seen with our naked eyes and is also among the parts of our body, but the mind isn`t physically seen as the heart. The mind is not among the parts of our body just like the soul but they both holds of great importance and we cannot do without any of them.

The soul is the spiritual part of ourselves believed to exist in our after life. It is believed that after our mortal life here on Earth the souls of those fortunate enough will go to heaven while that of the ignorant will suffer in their rightful place.

How the Heart and Mind Work In Conjunction

The heart and mind work indistinctively from each other as the mind feeds the heart with what it processed just like how we type in a command or data in a computer which it later processes. The same way an information is been processed in a computer that same way the things we hear or experience are being processed in our mind, and how we think of ourselves depends on what the minds feeds the heart.

Help Of The Brain

The brain is one of the most important parts of the body. It is what feeds the mind what it processes. It`s just like a factory company. The person saying the words is the manufacturer, the brain is the first machine that processes it which is the tertiary stage, and sends it to the mind which is the secondary phase to process and give its own judgment and then delivers it to the heart which is the primary phase that later accepts it.

One`s intelligence depends on the kind of thing it feeds to the brain. It is just like a ROM in a computer system that is used for storage and recovery as you can always recover whatever has happened in the past.

That one is dull is not because his brain is dull but because he did not give his brain the opportunity to explore things that are of great value and importance.


For u to be knowledgeable you need the zeal to further and expand your intelligence by exploring things of good value. And for that to be achieved you will need to study hard because knowledge is power.

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