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Dreams and Reality of Life Dreams and Reality of Life

Dreams and Reality of Life » nTells

Dreams and Reality of Life Dreams and Reality of Life (nTells)

Dreams and Reality of Life

By Chris Oleka In Enlightenment On 23rd March 2020

Chris Oleka
wrote in Enlightenment
Posted on 23rd March 2020
Last edited 13th January 2021 05:44:07 PM
Dreams and Reality of Life

Reality of Life - All dreams are meaningless without effort in achieving it. After dreaming of all sorts of beautiful things you want to experience in your life, you wake up, in reality, to find your self being nothing compared to what you had dreamt of. After dreaming you will be wishing it to occur in reality but "wish" is just a goal with no energy behind it. You just wished for something when you don`t have the zeal to boosting your effort in achieving it.

Hope is not a strategy for success, because it is just like a blank paper with nothing written on it.


The Effects Of Being Hard Working

Laziness is the ultimate key to the downfall of a man. You need to be hardworking in order to achieve that which you desire. All play and no work makes Jack a dull boy. You need to take your career seriously, don`t just depend on anyone for daily bread. Learn to cater for yourself in order to keep your integrity safe and secured.


Live Your Dream Life

Do not let your aspirations go to waste, whatever you dream of that`s what you can be, all it takes from you is to believe and work hard. It takes a lot for a man to be a "man", being a man by gender doesn`t make you a real man, what makes you a man is how hardworking you are, how well behaved you act and how you comport yourself when facing trials and tribulations of what nature offers to you.


Ignore haters


As they say, dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is hearing, eat like no one is looking; because all you have to do is to satisfy yourself. I can`t please others and displease myself on all occasions. There are certain cases that you must be obliged to please others at the cost of displeasing yourself.

I can only please others at the cost of displeasing myself when I know that they need it more than I do. Some people might be in dying need of what you need just to satisfy your wants.


We Have Only One Chance

Live your life to the fullest as you don`t have a spare of it elsewhere. Do whatever needs to be done at the appropriate time as you might not have the opportunity to do that again.

This life we are living isn`t something to joke about rather it is something that will later become extinct and automatically becomes a history which is why we must make the most out of it so that our history will be told to younger generations to come as the story of an icon.

We have only one chance to experience life and it`s meaning so don`t waste it rather make the most of it.

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