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Coping with Low Self-esteem in your School Environment Coping with Low Self-esteem in your School Environment (nTElls)

Joan Phil
wrote in Enlightenment
Posted on 3rd October 2019
Last edited 4th January 2021 09:37:16 AM

Are you having serious issues with your self-esteem? Do you always feel that others are better of you? If you do, this piece will be very relevant to you. After reading this, your self-esteem is sure to increase by about thirty-eight percent.

What is Self-esteem

Without even consulting a dictionary, self-esteem is simply the way one rates oneself. It refers to one`s view of him/herself. On the other hand, low self-esteem is the feeling of not being as good as others (inferiority). It refers to a person`s unhappiness with his/her qualities. A person with low self-esteem sees him/herself as being lower than other people.
This topic has been taught in civic-education and social studies but there are many students who keep sinking deeper, day by day into the funnel of low self-esteem. Most of them suffer from this disease and are ignorant of their predicament. I would like to ask some questions which I would like you to answer. Some people call it food for thought but I call it `question of wisdom`.

The solutions to Low Self-esteem; Question of wisdom

1. Have you ever being in a situation whereby your age mates, peer group or classmates are planning to organize something; a play or to perform a particular action and you refuse to join them because you feel that you are inferior to them or that you are not in their class or type?
2. You have admired a group of people and said to yourself "I can`t be like them, I am not their type", maybe you feel that they are more beautiful, intelligent or rich whereas you are not? If you react positively, that means I`ve got a great job to do here.
One major cause of low self-esteem among girls in secondary school is the "I am beautiful syndrome". To this effect, I will pinpoint some believe that people have about beauty.

Beauty and Self-esteem

Beauty does not only exist in physical/facial appearance. The word of God says/defines a woman`s beauty as “the goodness of her character, whoever finds a good woman, finds a good thing. Girls go a long way to attain any height to look beautiful. But NO they can`t achieve the goal of overcoming low self-esteem. They feel that the beautiful ones are ten times better than them. If you are among these groups of people, please wake up and face reality. The real beauty exists in the heart and mind of a person.

Intelligence and Self-esteem

Intelligence is another reason. So far you have a functioning brain, can interpret and control your environment; you are intelligent. Intelligence does not only come in your schoolwork, but it tells also in your speech, actions, resourcefulness and so on. If you think you are not doing well, please my dear ones put in more effort and talk to God in prayer.

How can students overcome low self-esteem?

I.  Think of the good things about you

When you think you are not okay, just focus your mind on those good qualities you have. As a human being, you are, there certain qualities you possess which no one ever had/has and it makes you UNIQUE.

II.  Have friends that uplift you

Friends you keep have a forty-five percent influence on your self-esteem. Watch the kind of friends you keep. Have friends that bring out the best in you and encourages you to keep out of your shell. Have friends that know your worth.

III.  Give it a try

Whenever you want to do something and there is this inner mind that keeps telling you nonsense. My dear, overlook it and pick courage and try. Even though you are being laughed at, mocked or scorned, don`t worry at least you have overpowered the barrier of fear. It is said that we should not allow the spirit of fear to overshadow the boldness in us. Everything in this world is all about trial.

IV.   Talk to God in prayer

When things seem as if nothing is happening, go on your knees with tears in prayer and talk to God in prayer about it because he who created you would make you see yourself as he sees you.
In conclusion my dear ones, it`s the light in you that lights your environment. If you want people to like you as a wonderful personality, you must first see yourself as a wonderful personality. So start now to see yourself the way you want people to see.

If you love this, share and change somebody`s life.

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