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Breaking Limits - I can do all things Breaking Limits - I can do all things

Breaking Limits - I can do all things » nTells

Breaking Limits - I can do all things Breaking Limits - I can do all things (nTells)

Breaking Limits - I can do all things

By Sandra Chineme In Enlightenment On 15th January 2021

Sandra Chineme
wrote in Enlightenment
Posted on 15th January 2021
Last edited 18th February 2021 08:52:35 AM
Breaking Limits - I can do all things

Breaking Limits -So here`s my favorite quote :


You too can do all things. That`s only if you truly wish to anyway. I understand the hearts of so many youths out there. I`ve come to understand that ninety percent of those we often refer to as failures or the people with no vision, once had a very high degree of pursuing and fulfilling every desire the soul of the world once communicated to them during their times of solemn thoughts, conversations with the cosmos or even at birth.

These ones had the desire to pursue their visions and dreams. They once had fervor for success and tried to commence their personal journey to the manifestation of greatness. Unfortunately, they get caught up with the excuse of not being able to kick off that plan, that business idea, start writing, counselling career, education and so many creative ideas.

Often times they begin with so much passion but during its course, they gradually feel either not so perfect, not good enough, no love for their own work, rejected and most times lazy to continue. Some even fall victim of these categories of dream chasers because they do not receive applauds from the public.

Sadly, a lot of persons often drop out of their mission to fulfilling their vision and this for no reasonable reason. It`s unreasonable to do so because champions never emerge without challenges. And also not wise to quit a dream because of criticisms and no applauds from others out there.


Even scripture tells us one thing - before a seed grows, it must die. Before you and I grow and become the exact reflection of our goals in life, we must learn to die to the applauds, smiles, wows, yays and even nays from the public.

Accept every criticism with a smile and a courageous heart, knowing that someday, you`ll be just exactly as the soul of the world once communicated to you.


Self Discipline

Self discipline is necessary to breaking your limits. On a daily basis, tell yourself how perfect you are. You really can do ALL things.

  • Write often.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Bake often.
  • Sing often.
  • Counsel people often.
  • Develop yourself.
  • Develop the seed that`s inside of you.

Everything on earth belongs to you, USE IT! Stop limiting yourself because you`re not there yet. It took them some years, practice, self denial and self discipline to get there. Don`t do it cause they`re doing it.

Do it differently and exclusively to break limits! They might have the greatest or best announced success, don`t fret, the best of the world is yet to come. It could be you.

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