Avoid Weight Gain - How to Avoid Weight Gain at Home » nTells

Avoid Weight Gain - How to Avoid Weight Gain at Home Avoid Weight Gain - How to Avoid Weight Gain at Home

Avoid Weight Gain - How to Avoid Weight Gain at Home » nTells

Avoid Weight Gain - How to Avoid Weight Gain at Home Avoid Weight Gain - How to Avoid Weight Gain at Home (nTells)

Francis Izuoba
wrote in Health & Wellness
Posted on 2020/12/29
Last edited 16th January 2021 02:57:56 PM
Avoid Weight Gain - How to Avoid Weight Gain at Home

Avoid Weight Gain: want to know how to avoid weight gain? then you are in the right place. Recently, this has been a big deal for us because during the lockdown there was no access to the gym. But it`s possible to avoid weight gain at home.

How to Avoid Weight Gain at Home

Managing your weight is beneficial for your mental and physical wellbeing. With a few simple tricks and lifestyle adjustments, you will be sure to lose weight. The tips below can be used to avoid weight gain:

1. Mange Your Calorie Intake

If you really don`t want to gin weight, you have to stop eating more than your body needs. Being indoors for 99% of time means you are burning less calories than you used to. Therefore, you need to eat less to adjust to this new lifestyle.

Always be mindful of what you eat and how you eat. Before you eat, stop for a second and ask yourself the question: am I hungry or just bored? Was there anything I was supposed to do before I decided to eat?.

Considering the amount of processed food we eat, it`s easy to count the amount of calories we consume. This is why we need to be mindful of what we eat and also, do an hour of HIIT workout.

2. Try Intermittent Fasting


You can reduce the intake of calorie by only eating in a certain time-window a day. That is, intermittent fasting. There are two ways to go about this: it`s either the 5:2 diet or the 16:8 diet.

In the 5:2 diet, you restrict your calorie intake for two days a week, while the rest of the week you can eat normally.

In the 16:8 diet, you eat only in an 8-hour window. By this, we mean you fast while you sleep, have your last meal at around 8pm, and the next meal at 12pm the next day.

By doing this, you sleep through most of the fat, making it easy to do so.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking a lot of water is important for our physical and mental fitness. This also helps t avoid weight gain because it helps the metabolism and also help you feel fuller for long.

The best combination is eating more of vegetables, fibrous food, and drinking a lot of water.

4. Use a Fitness Tracker

While indoors, having a fitness tracker or running watch around your wrist is beneficial. The reminder always prompt you, once every hour, to get up and walk a bit.

However, fitness trackers and running watches also measure calories burned so you can adjust your calorie consumption. These devices are not ultra precise but they will give you a good estimate nevertheless.

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