Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Water Mixture Explained » nTells

Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Water Mixture Explained Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Water Mixture Explained

Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Water Mixture Explained » nTells

Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Water Mixture Explained Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Water Mixture Explained (nTells)

Francis Izuoba
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Posted on 7th January 2020
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Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Water Mixture Explained

Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Water Mixture Explained - Where exactly does the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet...

I`ve always asked myself this question. "Where do the Atlantic and Pacific ocean meet?" 

When you look at the sea and big ocean from the map, it may seem like they are all one or flow to each other with different names given by scientists or people around. 


Where exactly does the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet?

The scientist has proven that these two oceans meet at Cape Horn. This rugged headland lies at the southernmost point of Tierra del Fuego, an archipelago at the very tip of South America. The cape is widely and unfavorably known difficult to navigate, with weather that`s unpredictable, strong winds plus rough currents. 

For many years sailors never try to navigate Cape Horn, until Dutchman Jacob le Maire managed to circumvent the cape in the year 1616. After that, larger, more modern vessels can navigate these remote waters, enabling passengers to see Cape Horn`s seal and penguin colonies.


Why do the Atlantic and Pacific oceans not mix?

Well, sometimes it seems like there`s a vivid border around these oceans like two different worlds when you view clearly, it may seem as if there`s a wall blocking them. 


The Atlantic and Pacific ocean have different density and chemical makeup. According to topographers, the line that marks the border between these two Ocean runs straight between Cape Horn and Antarctica and was called the Drake Strait.

The answer is not about two ocean meeting, we should know that the glacial meltwater meeting the offshore waters is because due to the difference of water density, temperature and salinity of the glacial meltwater and offshore waters are making it difficult to mix.

If you look with a naked eye you may not be able to tell the difference between the two bodies of water. So, Although the oceans do mix as liquids do, it`s not all plain sailing. This is because they are both water, so they definitely mix, but it`s not quite that simple due to the reasons given above about the different densities and currents of the two oceans, they don`t disperse together evenly or calmly.



The Atlantic Ocean is always saltier than the Pacific ocean, this makes the ocean water denser. Also, Cape Horn marks the point where two ocean currents collide. The view is as a result of the different currents, temperatures, and densities that created the rough sea that makes Cape Horn famous.

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