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My Advice on Ways to Study for Exams My Advice on Ways to Study for Exams

My Advice on Ways to Study for Exams » nTells

My Advice on Ways to Study for Exams My Advice on Ways to Study for Exams (nTells)

My Advice on Ways to Study for Exams

By Joan Phil In Enlightenment On 4th October 2019

Joan Phil
wrote in Enlightenment
Posted on 4th October 2019
Last edited 4th January 2021 09:33:48 AM
My Advice on Ways to Study for Exams

Ways to Study for Exams

Reading whether for pleasure or academic purpose, is an essential habit that forms the bedrock of greatness in everyone, regardless of age, gender or status is hardly disputed. However, imbibing it has not always been widespread as accepting it` s importance. The practice, which was common among Nigerian students, youths and adults in the past, is gradually being eroded.


My Advice and Experiences

I arrived at the assertion based on my experiences as a student in some noble institutions. I have always wished that students would understand the importance of studying and make effective use of every opportunity given to them.

Often times, I see students finding it difficult to sit and study, they prefer to make use of social media (Whatsapp, Facebook and so many others). A case study is during the student`s free period, school evening preps/classes, despite the strict and thorough monitoring put up by teachers, you`ll still find some students jumping from one corner to the other; trying to waste their time. The scenario keeps disturbing and I said to myself, there must be a way out.

Yes! Create awareness, I heard that gentle voice within me. I immediately started my research work and tried to put ink on paper when I realized that something was to be out. Along the line "my body became weak, but my spirit was willing". So, I abandoned the project.

As fate would have it, fortunately, a seminar was organized one certain time and they`re the presentation that morning during the seminar re-energized my body and I picked up my pen again to complete the work I started. In short part of this work is a piece from that seminar.


Two Basic Formulae for Studying

Hence the main aim if this, is to introduce and explain two basic formulae for studying. These formulae are supposed to be complementary not contradictory. It is an effort geared towards the creation of awareness on the importance of study in the life of anyone who wishes to be great.

We shall develop a little time on the concept of reading and studying. We shall talk briefly on those excuses that students always give as reasons for not being able to study. I call this the small devils.

I shall proceed to present to our readers the two formulae for studying with a conclusion.


#1 - Reading and Studying

Encarta dictionary defines reading as the process of identifying and understanding the meaning of characters and words in written or printed material. It is a process of interpreting written language, signs, and symbols. On the other hand, studying is described as looking at or reading something and to think about it carefully. In fact, the point is that studying goes beyond just reading. It goes further to expatiate that studying is the process of learning about a subject by reading, thought, intuition or research. Studying could also be revising materials already learned in order to make sure one does not forget them.


#2 - Small Small Devils

Before one gets motivated towards the steps of effective studying, one must, first of all, know why he/she has been finding it difficult to study. These are the problems. Below are some excuses were given by students when asked why can`t they sit to study?

  1. I am always distracted
  2. I don`t just understand when I read

#3 -  It`s not easy for females to read. Is it then easy for the males to read?

  1. Time is almost against me.
  2. Reading is boring.
  3. There is so many activities in school and at home to attend.

Let this be a clear point to you; that all these excuses are irrelevant and invisible to someone who strives to achieve greatness in the future.



Another important point to note here is that students nowadays devote more of their time to reading than studying. As far as academic excellence is concerned, every student must go beyond just reading.

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