Advice and guide to making good career choices » nTells

Advice and guide to making good career choices Advice and guide to making good career choices

Advice and guide to making good career choices » nTells

Advice and guide to making good career choices Advice and guide to making good career choices (nTells)

Advice and guide to making good career choices

By Joan Phil In Enlightenment On 16th October 2019

Joan Phil
wrote in Enlightenment
Posted on 16th October 2019
Last edited 4th January 2021 09:43:00 AM
Advice and guide to making good career choices

Career, according to the oxford advanced learners dictionary is a job or profession, especially one with opportunities for progress or promotion. Career is also a lifestyle that one starts to develop as early as when one becomes self-aware. This comes through different stages of life.

What is the right career for me?

Career choice is not a once and for all issues due to a wide range of choices and alternatives that exist in our human environment. As one grows from childhood through adolescence into adulthood, a lot of tentative choices in career are made as a result of environmental influences like one`s socio-economic background, level of experience and geographical location. To make a concrete career choice, therefore, an individual needs to make an informed decision in the sense that the individual must have self-awareness which will enable him or her have insight into what his or her values, interest, likes and dislikes are.

The following under listed steps could serve as a guide in making good career choices.

Step I: Self-assessment

Before making any career choice, first, you must learn about yourself. You should be able to know your values, personal interest as well as skills which when combined with some personal traits; this will make some careers to fit you and others appropriately.

Step II: List of occupation to explore


Look over the list of occupations you have heard of. In order to eliminate some, circle the ones that you have considered previously and which are appealing to you. Write them out separately in order to explore them. In exploring, look at the job description as well as other requirements needed, for example, advancement opportunities, job outlook, and earnings. To illustrate this, one might not enjoy the duties of a particular career that may deny him or her happiness, job satisfaction, of which he or she may opt for a change in the future.

Step III: Carry out an information interview

From the shortlist, gather in-depth information, interview some people with first-hand information about such careers. If it`s a doctor or lawyer, arrange to interview someone in that profession on the job requirements and qualifications needed. Inquire the job demands, codes of ethics, commitment, and sacrifices one must make, etc. Check these results from your research against what you know about yourself to see whether it is suitable for you.

Step IV: Goal setting

Begin to set both short and long-term goals based on your chosen career. Create a good plan for yourself and these plans will enable you to make some decisions on how to achieve and pursue your laid down goals. Here, one may plan how to acquire the knowledge needed, time-taken, career growth, and development as well as funds required.

Step V: Train the career 

There is a possibility that you will be required to train for the chosen career. This may involve pursuing a degree, internship, or taking a course that will enable you to learn new skills. After training is over, join a company or institution and work.

Conclusion: Test to find the right career

This method of choosing a career does help a lot by eliminating regrets and change of career in the future. One is able to take a career that suits his or her personality and therefore happiness is achieved. 

Once you`re happy, then you`re on track!

With much practice, I pray this article helps you attain a good career choice in the future.

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  • Advice and guide to making good career choices

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