6 Active Effects and Benefits of Eating Beans » nTells

6 Active Effects and Benefits of Eating Beans 6 Active Effects and Benefits of Eating Beans

6 Active Effects and Benefits of Eating Beans » nTells

6 Active Effects and Benefits of Eating Beans 6 Active Effects and Benefits of Eating Beans (nTells)

6 Active Effects and Benefits of Eating Beans

By Jessy Lucy In Health & Wellness On 25th December 2019

Jessy Lucy
wrote in Health & Wellness
Posted on 25th December 2019
Last edited 2nd January 2021 11:52:48 PM
6 Active Effects and Benefits of Eating Beans

Beans are from the flowering plants in the fabaccae family and are classified as legumes. They usually grow in pods which are capsules with several beans inside.

Beans contains high of amino acid, which are the chemical that combines to form protein and help build muscles. Protein is very important in nutrients

These are different types of beans, and most of them must be cooked to be safe to eat. Which includes:

1. Red Beans
2. Pinto beans
3. Kidney beans
4. Navy beans
5. Soya beans
6. Black eyed peas
7. Gardanco beans
8. Lima beans
9. Black beans.


6 Active Effects of Beans

1. Controlling appetite: The fiber and healthy starches in beans can prevent food cravings. People may feel fuller after consuming beans, which may prevent overeating and even help with weight loss.

2. Better heart health: people who consume beans maybe less likely to die of a heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular health problem.

Research suggest that beans may lower cholesterol. High cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease and heart attacks.

3. Reduced risk of cancer: Some research studies have show that beans acts as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. These effect could reduce the risk of cancer.

Research published in 2015 analyzed whether beans might have antioxidant properties that fight intestinal cancer. Black beans were shown to have the highest antioxidant activity.


4. Prevent fatty liver: fatty liver is a metabolic disorder that occurs when fats accumulate the liver.

Research published in 2016 found out that adzuki beans improve the accumulation of fat in the liver of mice. This suggests that beans might preserve liver health and reduce the risk of fatty liner.

5. Antioxidant: Beans are rich in a type of antioxidant called polyphenols. Antioxidants fight the effort of free radicals which are chemicals that affect a wide range of processes in the body from physical aging to cancer and inflammation.

6. Diabetes and glucose metabolism: Beans may help stabilize blood glucose level or even prevent diabetes. Beans are high in fiber, which can help lower blood glucoses.

A 2015 study research in mice found out that a chemical found in soya beans leaves could help the body maintain healthy glucose levels.

Now you know what beans those in the body, I will advice that you add beans to our weekly meals in order to stay healthy.

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