4 Reasons & Effects of High Increment in Natality Rate » nTells

4 Reasons & Effects of High Increment in Natality Rate 4 Reasons & Effects of High Increment in Natality Rate

4 Reasons & Effects of High Increment in Natality Rate » nTells

4 Reasons & Effects of High Increment in Natality Rate 4 Reasons & Effects of High Increment in Natality Rate (nTells)

Chris Oleka
wrote in Lifestyle
Posted on 10th March 2020
Last edited 13th January 2021 01:12:32 PM
4 Reasons & Effects of High Increment in Natality Rate

High Increment in Natality Rate - It is the wish of every couple to have kids of their own but excess of everything is not normal but rather abnormal. As they say "all advancement in the society begins with the development in the character of the young".

Some parents out there are giving birth to kids above their ability of parenting, the reason why so many kids are seen out in the streets hawking are mostly because of the number of members in their families.

Most of this category of people are found in the middle-class and poor family.


Reasons for the high rate of children in a family 

Most middle class parent do give birth to offspring more than the average number of expected child bearing due to the following reasons:

1. Lack of family planning: 

Many middle-class couples don`t go for family planning as most of them couldn`t afford the bill stationed in the hospital. As we all know all legally registered hospitals do educate their pregnant patients on family planning which midwives of which both poor and middle-class couples deliver their offspring teach them nothing about it because they know nothing about it, most of these mid wives are even victims to such, which is why it is advisable to register in a hospital during pregnancy period.

2. Lack of advise: 

Most pregnant women don`t normally ask for advice from their doctors on good parental training and upbringing in case of giving birth to children of their own. Many of them knows nothing about family planning because they do come to anti-natal class late and most of the lectures on child bearing and control must have been taught.

3. Lack of protection: 

Many couples do end up having more child than expected due to lack of protection, always having flesh to flesh intercourse and in the process the wife becomes pregnant and won`t abort it as it is not advisable to do. So it is advisable to put on protection during intercourse to avoid the unforceen consequence.

4. Hope for a better life: 


This is mostly directed to the poor and middle-class family as they are mostly victims of such, they give birth to kids more than it is properly advised to do because they are hoping that one must surely be successful out of all, and this leads them to sending the children out on the streets to struggle in order to make ends meet when their mates are in the school studying in order to achieve something meaningful in the future.


Consequences of High Natality Rate

Negative Consequences

1. It increases the rate of hunger crisis in a society.

2. Lack of education which leads to a high level of illiteracy.

3. Low income bargain.

4. It increases the population of a country thereby increasing their prospected budget.

5. Lack of development in a society as most of the money are being spent on providing for their kids.

6. Depression as a result of thinking on how to meet your daily needs.

7. Lack of proper diet.

8. High level of criminalism.

Families all round the world are advised to regulate on their family planning basis for a better future for their kids and a better world for all.

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  • 4 Reasons & Effects of High Increment in Natality Rate

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