4 laptop features and functionalities to consider before buying » nTells

4 laptop features and functionalities to consider before buying 4 laptop features and functionalities to consider before buying

4 laptop features and functionalities to consider before buying » nTells

4 laptop features and functionalities to consider before buying 4 laptop features and functionalities to consider before buying (nTells)

Francis Izuoba
wrote in Basic Computer Training
Posted on 31st January 2020
Last edited 9th January 2021 03:01:01 AM
4 laptop features and functionalities to consider before buying

Laptop features and functionalities - Many people have asked me this question "What kind of laptop should I buy, what is the next step to be a web designer?" and this is why I prepared this article for such people.

Lets not forget that any work done with a tool, to do it well, a better tool is required. To be a web or graphics designer, you will need the best tools. All laptop types are good but here are the things to consider to become a good web designer or developer.

Laptop Features and functionalities to consider as web designer

#1: Consider the Operating System 

you want to use, then you will know if you`ll need an Apple PC, a desktop or a simple laptop. If you are familiar with the Mac OS (operating system), you will have to get an apple laptop. But for any other Operating system like Chrome OS, Windows, and Linux. You can get any other kind of good system.

#2: Consider factors when choosing a System

especially a laptop. Things like Mid-Range, Budget, High-End, and Performances must be considered. The wrong laptop may hinder your web design and development efforts and may come back to bite you in the butt. Therefore it`s important to choose the right one that suits your needs.


#3. The specification is considered first before purchase. 

Each of the types of Operating systems mentioned above is available on a wide variety of portable computers with varying specifications, and each of them has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Find out what is best for you or what exactly you are getting a system for.

#4. All specifications must be considered.

A fast CPU with a decent amount of RAM size above 1gb and hard disk space above 500GB is all that`s needed for a graphic designer, web designer, or developer. Getting expensive graphics cards and ultra-performance CPUs are not really necessary unless you just want them for other reasons.



Buying a new system can be a daunting process, but it can also be incredibly exciting, especially when you follow these steps above and get an amazing system, you will be forced to make good use of it because you love what you bought. Make sure to take your time when choosing a new laptop.

According to recent statistics, approximately 40% of computer users only use their computer for entertainment purposes (playing games, watching movies and more). Why not do something new (can be a web designer), something incredible and teach others with what you have, so you can get more.

Please use the comment section below to tell us what you love about your laptop or share other topics for others.

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