13 Secret Strategies of Bestselling Authors and Bloggers » nTells

13 Secret Strategies of Bestselling Authors and Bloggers 13 Secret Strategies of Bestselling Authors and Bloggers

13 Secret Strategies of Bestselling Authors and Bloggers » nTells

13 Secret Strategies of Bestselling Authors and Bloggers 13 Secret Strategies of Bestselling Authors and Bloggers (nTells)

Francis Izuoba
wrote in SEO & Blogging
Posted on 31st March 2020
Last edited 13th January 2021 05:54:50 PM
13 Secret Strategies of Bestselling Authors and Bloggers

These 13 (thirteen) strategies have helped me immensely as I`ve worked towards becoming a more effective reader and writer. I hope they prove helpful to you in achieving your great objectives.


The 13 secrets strategy of becoming a great writer

#1 - Come up with a good heading and title for your content

Instead of rushing to get your article from start to finish try writing out all of your headings first. Give your article a good title, create your main heading then subheadings and then you can decide to add blockquotes. This will help you know where you plan to take your reader with your content.


#2 - Tell your story no matter what you are writing

What has happened in your life? What experience did you learn from that? How did I solve a problem? Saying is a lot easier but when you are telling people your story, some people might relate to your story and some might be entertained by your story.  Tell stories in your writings and you`ll find out that it`s easy to write thousands of words of content in a short amount of time.

#3 - Do not allow internet distractions

Be focused on one program, do not allow all distractions of the internet to interfere with your work. Check how many times you visit Facebook every day or twitter or share photos and other means of distraction. When much contents on the internet consume your time, it will stop you from writing and less you become less productive. The best solution, if you can get yourself not to use the social network for some time, is for you to simply install a plugin that can block your access to some websites or notifications and then you can focus more on your writing.


#4 - Gather your facts first

When you are writing a great post the goal is to offer your readers interesting facts that they might not know before. This distinct advantage that improves your composition speed.

Some of these advantages are:

a. Structure the format of your post in your mind and you will easily put together how the post is going to be composed.
b. Have sources to include in your content to prove you know what you`re talking about.
c. You get to update your own perspective.

Accuracy is critical when writing a great post in a short amount of time. If your facts are not supported in some way, then you`re going to lose credibility. Making assumptions will destroy the creative process. Always get your facts and it will save you time while writing.


#5 - Get into the Writer`s Eye

There are some distinct methods to cultivate a writer`s eye, and the most important is that you encourage yourself, establish a method of focusing on writing find out what works to help you focus and then stick to it. Plan for content and stories just before you start writing. But you also need your calm eye. That eye questions and discerns; where might there be a market for that story, do I really want to write that story, is there even a story there, what is the natural lead for the story? Also, figure out your contingencies before you start; If you are hungry, if you really must do something. This will help you stay focused on writing alone.


#6 - Visualize your productivity


If you can visualize yourself completing a post then writing it becomes a lot easier. I always prefer to read on Kindle largely because it makes me visualize what the writer is giving out and makes my note-taking process simpler. Although, while I encourage the technophiles among you to consider the Kindle, there are good benefits to using the standard pen-and-highlighter approach. Being a writer requires being a reader, but a given book can be either a blip or a boon in the development of your craft.


#7 - Create a list of ideas for your post

One of the easiest ways to start producing a great post in a short amount of time is to prepare your ideas ahead of time. Spend time preparing a full list of ideas for your post, create a list of more than ten or twenty ideas. Creating a list of ideas is a better start, then composing a post from one of those ideas is the best start.


#8 - Expand upon the ideas that someone else has offered

No matter what industry you`re writing about there are plenty of websites that are full of ideas for you to take and run with. If you approach a well-reputed piece looking to learn from its already assumed superior quality, you are hindering yourself. No writer is flawless. Many writing choices come down to value exchanges, realism will be sacrificed for emotional power, directness for detail, clarity for lyricism. 

Identifying the value choices that do not work for you or the different ways that a text simply falls short will help you affirm your values and find your voice. If you ever feel stalked or uninspired just take a few minutes to scan the titles of some of the most popular content within your industry and you will be inspired for the title of your next post.


#9 - Turn your writing into positive habits

Most writers need to make writing activity a positive habit of their own. You have to feel like you`re missing something unless you get the chance to write for a while to produce good consistent content. You should not feel comfortable if you`ve not produced any concerns a day.



Three components of these positive habits are:

a. What makes you want to write? b. What makes you keep writing? c. How do you reward yourself?


#10 - Resist the urge to edit your work while writing

Your writing must not be fantastic at first, it should be a greater outline of your ideas. Once you are done writing, before posting or publishing your post. You can go back and check on the tone, voice, and language used in your content. This will help you produce a proper content faster and quit trying to be a writing perfectionist.


#11 - Write short

Get to the point right away because many readers find it difficult to read content fast on the screen and can easily get eye fatigue. No one wants to waste his/her time.


#12 - Use images to reinforce your key point

A good rule is to include a relevant image for every 300 to 370 words you write, or whichever way you want. But if your writings are much, include images with descriptions or directions to offer more information that will stick out to the reader. Remember, a great image speaks a thousand words.


#13 - Approach with a pen

This has always been the best way for me to produce great content for my readers. All 12 strategies above require this approach. The more I engage with a text, the better I learn from it. Any time you want to read or produce content, a pen and highlighter should be part of your process. Beyond helping you engage, this approach helps you to quickly return to segments of the piece that you want to reproduce in a good way. I even have a pen and a jotter right here. You should try this always and you`ll be more productive.


Wish you the best in becoming a great reader and writer.

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Francisca Gloria
Francisca Gloria 17th September 2021 08:03:42 PM

This is great, has really improved my writing skills. Thanks for this bro.
17th September 2021 08:03:42 PM


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