11 steps to create infographics design to grow your business [infographic] 11 steps to create infographics design to grow your business [infographic]

Francis Izuoba
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Posted on 2020/05/31
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11 steps to create infographics design to grow your business [infographic]

We need to learn and use infographics design because it builds brand, awareness and educates users and also because it contains data-Ich visualization of a topic or story.

What is Infographics Design?

Infographic is an effective tool that represents data and information relating to a topic by combining elements, shapes, colors, charts, diagrams, text images, etc.

Infographics simply visualize complex issues or information and data in an easy way for better understanding and lead to insight.

Here`s one I designed on "Steps to build a good website"

Here are 11 rules to learn about good Infographic Design (like the one above...) and design yours.

#1 - Identify your goal

What exactly is your goal for creating infographics design? Is it Customer acquisition? Image or brand building? Educate your customers? Or just for entertainment?

When you know this, then you can decide the kind of format, information, and steps you want to use for your infographic.

#2 - Identify your Audience

When you know your audience, then you know what they are interested in and build your infographics design toward that. You can be sure of what they want to learn more about by using your email list to send a survey and ask them questions

#3 - Create a central core message that your infographics will be based upon

Focus on 1 topic, 1 niche. The core message is the topic you want to cover on that specific infographics design, your title should also be clear about the topic. When you focus on the major topic, that way users will not be confused and understand your message.

#4 - Be relevant and go straight to the point

Make it simple and short, divide your contents to 4 to 10 blocks. A lot of topics must have been told about your topic, so make yours unique, short and easy so users will not feel its too much to go through.

#5 - Research your topic well

Try to get major points from 4 - 7 of the best resources (articles) you`ve seen, and create awesome content from it. Take ALL the good information from your researches and narrow it down to the best ones so your audience will use, learn from your infographics designs` message and share it.

#6 - Make your header, persuade your readers to click and dive deep to the end

Title is another most important part of your infographics design, the same rule used to get a great blog post title, is applied for infographic, its a good practice that when adding an infographic to a post, the title of the post should be the same as the infographics design, so they can easily be linked from a different source. A great title should make people want to click on it even when there are other topics related to yours.

#7 - Invest your money and time on good designs

Focus on your design, when you have a good topic and contents without a good design, you`re reducing your infographics design views and shares by 85%. Designs matter a lot and you need a deep focus on it especially when it comes to infographics design.

#8 - Upload infographics on the right websites or web apps

People will always go to some platform, forums or community to search for nice infographics design, so it`s a good practice to include a call to action or short information at the end of your infographic before sharing and uploading them to these platforms. Examples of platforms you should share your infographics design are Pinterest, Visually, Reddit, etc. Remember that some platform has its rules for adding contents, so learn their rules and follow up.

#9 - List your sources at the bottom of the infographic

Statics infographic that has to do with percentage, or the number of users in a group, etc in the topic, always sight your source at the bottom of your infographics design to avoid issues in the future.

#10 - Make a great summary to go along with your infographic and your website article

Summarize what your infographics design is all about in the content of your article. Post certain visual portion of infographics design and action items.

This way Google will be able to recognize your infographics design for search, using the action items, visual portion, and other relevant information.

#11 - Use the Right Tools

Using more than 1 tool or software serves better and saves time. Just make sure you`re using the right tool. eg. Adobe Illustrator, good graphic designer, and or devices.

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