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Top 9 Most Affordable American Universities

America Universities - For many prospective students, the long term benefits of a four-year bachelor`s degree make earning one a worthwhile investment of both time and money.

However, the rising cost of college may hinder the student`s dream. Some students even have to take loans in order to pay for tuition. But loans can lead to debt which can last for years.

The US department of education makes approximately $120bn in financial aid available each year to American Students. Students who receive scholarships or grants do not need to return the money back.

University of Washington


Location : Seattle, WA..more

University of Washington
Location : Seattle, WA
Price -

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CUNY Brooklyn College


Location : Brooklyn, NY..more

CUNY Brooklyn College
Location : Brooklyn, NY
Price -

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Purdue University


Location : West Lafayette, IN..more

Purdue University
Location : West Lafayette, IN
Price -

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University of Florida


Location : Gainesville, FL..more

University of Florida
Location : Gainesville, FL
Price -

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University Accreditation

Higher University Accreditation refers to the voluntary process of self evaluation and peer evaluation that accesses a school`s educational programs, financial soundness and operational standards.

Regional accrediting agencies focus on non profit degree granting colleges and universities. National Accreditors generally assess for profit and career centered schools.

Accreditation matters for two main reasons. First, the ED channels financial aid only through accredited institutions. Second, Accreditation makes a difference when transferring credits.

Financial Aid for Students

The FAFSA plays an important role in your search for financial aid. It provides government agencies, colleges and universities and private non profit with information that may qualify you for a scholarship or grant program.

If you still need to take out a loan, consider a direct subsidized loan from the government first. Undergraduate Students who demonstrates financial need usually qualify for this type of loan which maintain a lower interest rate than other loans.


An affordable college education is still a strong investment. Every year students can apply for more than $120bn in Federal grants and scholarships that they don`t have to pay back.

Special interest group and non profit organizations offer even more. Scholarships and grants programs targets African Americans, women, students who are the first in their family to attend college.


Public colleges and universities in the United States receive state fundings from taxes paid by residents. Public Universities priorities in state students who are part of that tax paying public. As such, out state students usually pay higher tuition fees.

Each state maintains its own criteria for determining a student`s residency status. Proof of residency may include a record of tax payment, full-time employment within the state or an occupational or state license.

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