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Living Above The Storm

Living Above The Storm

Above The Storm, As easy as it is to understand that life is not a bed of roses; as easy as it is to acknowledge that success most times comes after several failures in what so ever was attempted; as loud as you often scream that you sailed through every challenge, life got you entangled with, living above the storms is way more than accepting sicknesses, way more than accepting inabilities, accepting failures and nodding in the affirmation that it is all the will of God, living above the storms never entails you walking upon broken bottles, feeling the pains and still giving the audience a wonderful smile of comfort.

Living above the storm is confronting the accompanying chaos in the very challenge life throws hard at you and still have a positive mindset towards the unfolding future, it is way different from failing and still sailing on the boat of comfort without fixing your mind on the already set goals.

This entails the activity of the mind. There will never be any achievement without getting the mind involved. 

Living Above The Storm

Your soul will never be still when you are overwhelmed with challenges if it has not been trained to be still. Your soul can receive comfort. It can. And so, whether the body is under stress, in bad shape, not as perfect as you wish, not as active as you wish, you can still live above the storm.

What do you ponder on? What have you been feeding your mind? Your body receives nutritious food, your soul should also receive the nutritious food proper to it. Feed your mind with what it requires. The body develops, the mind becomes more competent. Let your knowledge about various aspects of life be fed daily, so as not to be caught unawares by the sands of time.

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You will never grow if your learning is restricted by listening. You must think and apply strategies to overcome the storms of life.

Growth is tearing down and building up simultaneously. Storms are inevitable but living above the storms is possible.

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