Legacy of Education

Legacy of Education

Education isn`t just about going to school and getting a degree, it is about widening your knowledge about that which you aspire to achieve and engrossing the truth about life because life gives us what we deserve not what we desire. 
You might deserve that desire of yours if you put your best at it. You can`t just dream of becoming rich in the future and it will instantly happen, you need to put all effort needed to make it a reality because nothing comes for nothing.

Price of Education 

Investing your money in your child`s education is just like investing your money in buying shares from a company with good stability in both monetary and management terms.
It is also like planting a seed on a fertilized and rich soil. 
Just like the Bible say “whatever a man sows he shall reap in abundance “.
Education is the best legacy you can give to a child which is why it is a necessity for every child to be educated.

The Cost of Ignorance

Education is not something that should be overlooked, but something that should be taken into utmost consideration. 
The price of education is paid just within the estimated time but the cost of ignorance you will pay in your entire lifetime.

Meaning of Education

Education is said as the art of imparting knowledge and skill,  but I will rather state it as the gradual process of acquiring knowledge because it takes time and has to do with patience as it is a step by step schedule.
In the 1990`s many of our parents are ignorant when it comes to education. They are ignorant of the fact that knowledge is the ultimate key to success and for you to be knowledgeable you need to be educated and that is where comes into place.
Education varies as a result of the class to class grading but they all have one thing in common which is acquiring knowledge or perhaps said as knowledge acquisition.

Education is needed to fulfill all those dreams we had and are still having.

No matter the area of occupation you choose education is needed, let`s take for example: just as a pilot needs the education to calculate the distance and bearing a bus driver also needs the education to calculate how much he has been given to avoid him being cheated. Click here


No matter who you are or who you want to be,  just know that education is the key to all perfection.
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