Intuition III

Intuition III

Intuition III

When you are dominated by the mind, all you may likely see are reasons to be unhappy, reasons to be anxious. Your mind goes, I am just tired of this world. It seems as if it is a place custom-designed to make everybody anxious. See how polluted the environment is. Natural disasters seem not to be ending. Even though there are people everywhere people feel lonely as if there is a loneliness epidemic. While a lot of people are presently looking for jobs, there will be fewer jobs in the future because robots will steal so many jobs from people.

Robots may even be fighting wars in the future. And the political space is like the climax of the insanity. There are regular threats of nuclear annihilation. Why am I even here? There is no sense in all of this. It therefore does not come as a surprise when mental health practitioners claim that anxiety is on the rise.

A study indicates that this anxiety is probably having a pernicious side effect on our decision making. According to the discovery of the researchers, anxiety can effectively silence our gut instincts.

Intuition III

To test the effect of anxiety on intuition, the team of European researchers recruited more than 100 volunteers to participate in a standard test of subconscious thinking. It asks participants to quickly judge whether a trio of words (foam, deep, and salt, say) are somehow related (in the previous example, for instance, they all relate to the sea).
If a participant can spot that the words are connected but can`t articulate why, the researchers judge that she has used her intuition to find the correct answer. 
For this study the researchers added an interesting twist to this simple test of people`s ability to access their gut instincts. Before the test, different subjects were given different emotional prompts. Some were made to feel happy and secure by hearing about loving, supportive relationships. Another bunch was induced to feel anxious by a bleak story of an unforgiving, danger-filled world. A control group wasn`t given an emotional prompt at all.

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Intuition III

So how did the participants` emotions affect their intuition? The performance of those who were made to feel anxious plummeted… If your head is filled with worries, it seems, it`s really hard to hear your gut amidst all the noise. 

When your mind serves your Being, the mind is the servant it was meant to be. It then gives form to what the formless communicates. But when your mind dictates to your Being and becomes your master, peace eludes you. Your mind becomes such a noise maker that you cannot just hear your Being communicating to you through intuition. So, no one’s intuition is dead. One simply does not hear the voice because one is identified with the mind. In other cases, one hears the voice but does not follow the guidance offered because the mind is always trying to rationalize and intuition cannot be rationalized. The intelligence of your Being is far greater than the cleverness of your mind.

When your intuition is liberated, intimacy with the Now is developed and you gain trust. Rather than living your life always reacting to what happens, you become one with the situation and respond accordingly. Your response may not be what your mind wants. Sonia Choquette said, Intuition doesn’t tell you what you want to hear; it tells you what you need to hear. Intuition leads you towards a path, often an uncertain path but that path will make you feel comfortable.

Intuition III

There is so much information in the world today, and even with the information, disinformation is going on. People are telling you what to do and how to do it, what to think and how to think it. Media campaigns are ongoing and you have so many people’s opinions. As you try to analyze all of them, you suffer analysis paralysis. So here you are, wanting to take action but after going through so much content that seem to clash with each other, you take no action because you are confused.

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If you are aware of who you are, your intuition will become louder such that it overpowers the other voices in the world. Other people’s ideas and opinions in the form of books, audios, or whatever form, should serve you not lead you. Let your intuition lead you.

Do you want your intuition to lead you? Then be open to your intuition. Be open to listening, not for words but for energy. Feel it. When your intuition speaks, it feels true to you. All we ever have is Now and Life is always creating in the Now. In terms of work, we are not here to regurgitate what everyone is doing; we are here to create something new. What will lead you to create something new? The Source speaking through your intuition.

Intuition III

When your intuition speaks, your mind may try to analyze, justify, or figure it out. Your mind which has been conditioned by your past, has a hard time doing so and when it realizes it is unable do so, it feels uncomfortable, it feels uncertain, it feels insecure. It speaks to you thus: Are you alright? What are you doing? You must be out of your mind. So your mind prevents you from being open, from listening. Your mind wants to be certain in order to feel secure but this uncertainty arising from your intuition threatens it. All you need is to trust your inner voice, your guidance system.

How do I know if this is the path I should follow? you ask. Well, you don’t. Your mind can only comprehend so much. You are moving outside the scope of your mind., you are going beyond the intellect. You feel, you feel the energy, and what you feel is real. Following your intuition requires courage. Exercise courage. The word courage comes from the Latin word cor which means heart. You may have heard someone say, Follow your heart.

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