Importance of Time Management

Importance of Time Management

Time is the most important fact that needs to be considered in our daily lives. It must be considered in everything we do. For anything to be accomplished in this lifetime is needed. Problems that we humans are facing is caused by improper time management.

People do mismanage their time, like these days someone will see an event stated to commence by 10:00 and they will attend that event by 11:30 am because of this popular statement that is rampant everywhere in Africa known as “African Time”.

African time as people usually call it shouldn`t be acknowledged because it might hinder your opportunity of becoming a great person in life, just a second is enough for an incident to occur.


It`s Importance In Our Daily Lives

In my own research lately, I`ve discovered that people value money more than anything with time inclusive. People know nothing about the importance of time in our daily lives.

For you to make money time is needed. Time existing even before the creation of man, as the Bible said, it took God 7 days to create everything on earth both the upper atmosphere, which is to tell you that time is the most important factor to be considered in your daily endeavors. Time is just like nature, you can never change it no matter what you do or how hard you try. It always was, it is and will always be.


Time As A Diminishing Factor

I remember a story that was told to me some time ago. About a man who lost a life-changing opportunity because of lateness. We should try to be early, in any event, we are to attend, if it is stated to commence by 10:00 am, we should try to be present there at least 10 minutes before it commences.

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Lateness is a very bad habit and must be tackled and apprehended with immediate effect to avoid its long term consequences.


Planning And Time Management

For you to make it on time to where ever you have to be or whatever you have to do, you need to plan it ahead. Create a time table for yourself on the things you need to do. You won`t know about the positive effect of planning until you start practicing it.

Planning will go a long way in helping you maintain statistics of your daily events. You can`t achieve anything in this world unless you plan it ahead. Before a robbery heist takes place there must be a plan laid down for it and for you to achieve its success the plan must be accurate without mistake.


The Effect Of Self Discipline In Time Management

Self-discipline is the ability to do what needed to be done and at the right time whether you feel like it or not. For you to maintain the habit of time management you need to, first of all, apply the habit of self-discipline in your life so as to help you maintain proper standards of what you need to do at the proper time it needs to be done.


Misuse Of Time

The very wrong use of time is to spend most of it in doing what need not be done at all. Time needs to be valued, we need to use it properly and in doing things that are of good value and will also make a good impact in your life. It should not be taken for granted because for you to do anything in this lifetime is needed.

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Value Of Time

The value of something depends on how important that thing is to our lives, for instance, we value money so much even more than anything because it is what we need in order to purchase what we desire to have but as we know human desires are numerous and are impossible to achieve without money as they all desire to gain the things of the world which are vanity upon vanity.

Time is so precious because when given can never be recovered, it is just like giving out a portion of our lives which we won`t be able to get back again no matter what happens.

How many years we spend on earth depends on how much time we have left, life is just like going to market, when you are done purchasing what took you to the market you journey to your home when your purpose of incarnation has been fulfilled you leave the mortal world.

We need to make the most of the time we possess here on Earth in achieving something for ourselves so that even at your dispersal people will still remember you and for that to happen it`s either you do something worth writing or write something worth reading.

So my advice to you is to know how you use your time and learn to manage it well for the better use of other important things.

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