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If You Have Knowledge, Beware of Pride

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If You Have Knowledge, Beware of Pride

If You Have Knowledge, Beware of Pride, I know what it feels like, to be endowed with the passion to seek knowledge. I know how it feels like, to be an embodiment of knowledge in every aspect of life and exactly how you`ve been so fed and nourished by the diets of knowledge. But you must beware!

Knowledge itself is a gift, a gift that has opened so many doors to its seekers and also solved so many problems of the society at large. It is the knowledge that makes you understand that you must possess it, in order to make you more useful and valuable in your home, firm and every other organization you find yourself in, either now or sometime in the future.

But, the pride that comes with knowledge, has caused the fall of many. It has made a number of men assume the place of God. The pride of knowledge has stolen many opportunities and wider explorations from its container and has superimposed itself over the ideologies and concepts of another. It will be very permissible to say, that it has also caused the death of men, as they allow that vice called pride assume the best position of their lives.

If You Have Knowledge, Beware of Pride

As a sojourner in this world, you must be careful with the tools and materials gave you by the original creator of the universe. A part of which is knowledge. It was never given to you to cause more confusion or harm the confusion of this world but was given to you that men may come to that same awareness you carry and readily distribute it to others, for the betterment of society. This, by no means, implies that you cheat the system because of the level you feel you have attained in the school of awareness. No.

Just as knowledge makes itself readily available for you, it also expects that you make yourself readily available for its endowment no matter the source. True, not every source of information is valuable and not every information itself is teachable but we have the understanding (another important tool) of that which would benefit the society and impact values. The spiritual man calls this, discernment, that is, being able to correctly distinguish between good and bad.

To the man who thinks he has gotten to the peak of awareness and is making himself the storehouse of that tool, he must beware of the thorns that may grow wild to choke the tender wheats he has been trying to nurture and grow. To the man who thinks possessing the knowledge of the world would cause him to own the world, he must beware! As one of my mentors would say, “when you search for knowledge outside God, you go into demonism. You must not only be careful about the source of your knowledge but also be very careful about how you handle and react to the ideologies of others around you. Truly, knowledge can puff one up.

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