How You Transform Yourself

How You Transform Yourself

There is something about pursuing a goal that makes it worthwhile to set a goal. A goal sets you on a path. You consider something valuable and you decide you are going to pursue that. That implies a hierarchy when it comes to the things you will like to have. You want to have that which is at the top of the hierarchy and in doing that you sacrifice the things lower in the hierarchy. In doing this you experience a fair bit of positive emotion.

You watch yourself move towards your goal and that is meaningful. The better the goal, the fuller and richer your experience will be when you pursue it. There are many goals that you can pursue but there are many goals you may not be able to manage. What is the highest goal you can manage? That is the goal you may want to pursue. Both the goal and the path towards the goal provide you with positive emotion. You want to have a vision.

So you have a goal and you decide to move towards that. You soon find out that as you move towards the goal, certain things will have to be accomplished. Those things may frighten you. Maybe you don’t know how to use Microsoft Excel and you have to learn it. Maybe you need to learn how to use an accounting software. Maybe you have to be a better thinker, speaker, or writer, or all three. Some new skills you have to learn present themselves to you. Because learning them will stretch you, you may have the experience of being afraid. Your decision to pursue a goal automatically puts you up against challenges.

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How You Transform Yourself

It is possible that you will want to avoid the challenges but that is not a good idea. It is better you voluntarily confront them. Break down what you are avoiding into smaller and smaller pieces until you find a piece that is small enough that you can do. Let us say becoming good at using Microsoft Excel presents itself as a challenge. Microsoft Excel seems huge but when you break it down, you find out that you can start with learning something with the title Introduction to Excel. Still on your goal towards learning Excel, you may want to set aside some amount of time to learn Excel daily, maybe thirty or even twenty minutes. 

The point is that you break the challenge down to something you can actually do and by doing it daily you make progress incrementally which compounds over time. Do this for say a year and your knowledge of Excel is far greater than when you started. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.

It is important to point out that when you confront the challenge and take steps, it is not that you become less afraid; you actually become braver. When you do something, when you take an action, you realize that action is informative. There is information encapsulated in the action and you can incorporate that information into what you do which can turn into a skill. You discover that there is more to you because you tried something new.

How You Transform Yourself

We may look at this same thing biologically. If you put yourself in a new situation, your genes code for new proteins and build new neuro-structures and new nervous system structures. It is something similar to what happens to your muscles when you begin to work out, your muscles respond to the load. As it is, your nervous system does that too.

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This means that there is a lot of potential locked in your genetic code. You expose yourself to a new situation, then you experience situational stress which unlocks genes and new parts of you are built, who knows how much of what you could become is locked inside you? Voluntarily confront the challenge.

Now let us scale this out. You do more and more difficult things, you get more and more informed, and more and more of you gets unlocked. As you push yourself harder and take on a broader range of challenges, you actually become more of what you could become. This is your transformation. Click here

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