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How To Know That All Opinions Matter

How To Know That All Opinions Matter

“Never judge a situation only by your own view “

The way you think is different from the way Mr “A” thinks and the way Mr “A” thinks is also different from the way I think.
When a case is brought up in the court of law, the judge doesn`t just adjourn the case and give his verdict.
He needs the jury council`s opinion. And the jury council isn`t made up of only one person as many views are needed in decision making. That is why everyone`s opinion matters.


No one is Inferior

Everyone is equal irrespective of race, age, sex, gender, and most especially complexion and class as that is our main focus here.
As humans, we all came out from the same place, and every one is created for a purpose.
The world is civilizing globally, and the opinion of a common man doesn`t matter anymore. For you to be valued, you must be highly connected and also rich and famous. But that is where they got it all wrong.
As I have been taught right from childhood, “no one knows tomorrow”.


Never Judge a Book by its Cover

You will bear with me that not all rich kids are intelligent and smart. That you are attending a very costly private school doesn`t make you smarter than everyone attending a private school. We all know that kids from an average family tend to have morals compared to kids from a rich family.
Most of the self-made millionaires in our world today scramble through hell just to feed themselves when they were young as they were raised from a poor background.

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Don`t Neglect to Avoid Regret

Tomorrow is a package that no one knows what`s in it. Like my mom used to say, “Tomorrow is pregnant” You can never tell what it is going to deliver but you must accept whatever it offers. Any mistakes we made even 30 seconds ago can never be reversed, but what to do in the next 30 seconds depends on you as it is yet to come.
Life is a journey. We don`t have forever in this existence which is why we need to make our time here on earth useful.

Don`t neglect someone because you think or you know that you are better than him or her. Nothing in life is ever stagnant. “Things end, people change. And you know what? Life goes on”. No matter what happens in life just try to make it balance the situation you are in.  The past is where you learned the lesson, and the future is where you apply the lesson. So don’t give up in the middle. You might think that doing the bidding of others is what will make them know your value. But that`s where you are wrong, stand up for what is right. Keep one thing in mind, even though people throw stones at you, don`t throw at them back. Collect them all and build an empire.

Know That All Opinions Matter

You need to know that life is unstable. Life has a funny way of working out just when you start to believe that it never will. Just put your focus on the lessons that it has to offer. Because if you put your focus on the hurt, you will continue to suffer, but if you focus on the lesson, you will continue to grow in abundance.

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Don`t give up just because life is dragging you backward. Just bear in mind that an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back, it means that it`s going to launch you into something greater. So you just need to focus and keep aiming.


Always try to be Yourself

Don`t be afraid of losing people. Rather be afraid of losing yourself by trying to please everyone around you. As long as you are trustworthy, genuine and most importantly Kind, people will always want to be around you.

There are some cases where you are supposed to displease yourself just to please someone, most especially if the other party needs it more than you do.

Just keep your focus on your aim and the sky will be yours to possess. Click here

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