How to Earn Money Daily With Payobilz

Having participated in several online income programs, I know how straining it is to convince prospects to join a program that requires account activation fees. I know how extremely painful it is to expect money from a program, only to be disappointed at the end.


Nigeria and Payobilz

I know what it feels like to be called a scammer even when you had no intention of scamming anyone. I know the trauma of referring friends and loved ones into a program and at the end of everything, only a few of them were able to withdraw a penny. The pain of disappointment can never be overemphasized.

Payobilz has been created to change the financial status of  Nigerians, especially in this Buhari period. 

If you are not the referral type, this is for you and if you are the referral type, this is also for you. Referrals are not compulsory at all.


What happens when you invite someone

Once you are activated on Payobilz, you get access to materials worth 15,000 or greater than. These materials are capable of changing your financial status only if you take the right action.

These materials contain steps and guidelines with examples of reliable passive income opportunities one can get involved in. With these guidelines, the sky will be your starting point. 
Take action now and get all these :
The other benefit you get for becoming a member is that, once any other member joins through your personal link, you get 1,800 for just that referral. Imagine referring just two people, PAYOBILZ pays you 3,600 straight to your bank account.


The sweetest part is that you don`t have to wait till the weekend or month-end to withdraw your money, you can make a withdrawal and receive your money almost immediately. 

To be part of this system, all you need to do is make a one-time payment of 1,000 naira only either through pay stack, that`s with your ATM card, or make payment by bank transfer to the provided account number and you would be given a coupon code to complete your registration, then you are activated immediately.

  See some credit alert screenshots from Payobilz below :




Currently, if you want to register, I will help you with 500 naira…meaning that you just have to send me 500 naira then I send you a coupon code for your registration. This offer won`t last forever, it is only for the first 50 people. Take action now.  



Contact Chigozie Okeke on (+2348154375098) for more information on Payobilz.

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