Healthy Cells

Healthy Cells, Healthy Body

Healthy Cells, Healthy Body

Uche: Have you been able to open a bank like you said?

Ola: Sourcing for the N25 billion capital base has not been easy jare. Now we hear the amount is about to be increased to upwards of N35 billion. Where will I get the money?

Uche: The cartel wants to consolidate.

Ola: What do you mean by that?

Uche: Let us leave that issue for now.

Ola: I actually wanted us to have a talk on human health.

Uche: What do you have in mind?

Ola: Have you noticed that there is a steady increase in people suffering from degenerative diseases?

Uche: The issue of health in our society is one that we have missed the mark from the individual level to the policy level.

Healthy Cells, Healthy Body
Healthy Cells, Healthy Body

And this is not just in Nigeria, it is so in other countries. There are high numbers of death due to chronic diseases even in US in spite of their impressive health infrastructure.

Ola: Let us focus on Nigerians. We have more people suffering from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and a host of others.

Uche: Now, let us not focus on diseases in our discussion.

Ola: But I want to us to talk about these diseases.

Uche: A disease is a symptom of something that has gone wrong in the body. The problem is that our health care system, similar to that of the West, focuses on symptoms and not the root cause.

Ola: So what is the root cause? why don’t we have healthy cells and healthy body

Uche: This leads us to the cell. Your body consists of about 100 trillion cells which are constantly being rebuilt and replaced.

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Some parts of the body are renewed as often as every week or so; much of the body is rebuilt every year while the bones or skeleton requires several years for total rebuilding and replacement. This requires nourishment.

Ola: But we all nourish our bodies.

Uche: Not really. I say so because many people are not providing the proper building materials for the rebuilding of the cells.

In this case, the cells are not cleansed of toxic materials and progressively weaker cells replace the strong cells with which one was born.

It is these weaker cells that eventually result in senility, tooth decay, cancer, poor eyesight, and a host of other physical problems. The ultimate consequence is an early or untimely death.

Ola: What do you say about the belief of some Christians especially, that illness is the will of the God.

Uche: I am also a Christian and I do not deny the possibility of God using sickness as punishment but I believe that that is not the case for the majority of the sick people we have today.

Indeed I believe that for most of the people who are ill, the belief that the illness is the will of God is a way not to take responsibility for one’s health. That belief in their case can be more harmful than helpful.

Ola: So they are to be blamed for their illness?

Uche: I am less concerned about apportioning blame. My point is this: Believing that an illness is the will of God where it is not makes one fail to realize that a host of physical problems is the direct result of failing to provide the body’s cells with proper and adequate nourishment.

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Ola: You have been talking of nourishment. It seems that is what is important.

Uche: Proper nourishment is absolutely essential for the replenishment of the cells so that the new cells will be strong or stronger than those they are replacing.

What many people are ignorant of is that with their improper lifestyle and diet, they are polluting their bodies to such an extent that their cells are drowning in pollutants.

Ola: If I get you correctly, this is what you are saying: Proper and adequate nourishment is necessary for strong and healthy cells to replace old cells.

Uche: Correct. What I also want you to know from all of these is that the health and condition of the entire body depends on the health and condition of the cells.


Healthy Cells, Healthy Body

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