Go Within

Go Within

Go Within

Go Within, For the most part of your life you have been away from home. By that I mean that virtually all your attention has been on the external things and people. When you feel threatened, you look for security externally; when you are sad, you look for happiness externally; when you are troubled, you look for peace externally. Now pause for a moment and reflect: Have you really found security, happiness, or peace outside? If not, then why do you continue to look for them where they cannot be found?

You are not at home. You have given yourself so much to the external that you have lost yourself. You look for yourself but you do not find yourself. Even when you think that you have found yourself, you have ended up identifying with what you are not. When you ask yourself, Who am I? your answer does not satisfy you. You are quite worried that you do not even know who you are. Since you do not know who you are, you do not know your purpose your primary purpose. All this come together and alert you that you are lost.

Can we try something different? Rather than focusing your attention on the external, take your attention into yourself. There is a dimension of yourself that you hardly experience. Go within to experience that dimension.

Go Within

Be still. I want you to be present now. Do not just read these words, be aware that you are reading these words. Now stop reading for a moment and be aware of that awareness. That awareness is the space in which your perceptions and your thoughts happen. That awareness is the space in which your life enfolds. Without that awareness, the world, your world, will not exist. Since everything happens in the space of that awareness, it means that that awareness transcends everything that happens. You are aware of those things that seem to threaten you, now be aware that your awareness cannot be threatened.

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You are aware of those events that seem to make you sad, now be aware that that awareness cannot be sad, sadness and happiness happens in the space of that awareness. You are aware of those situations that seem to trouble you, now be aware that in the stillness of that awareness, you have peace. In fact, you always have peace only that something has been preventing you from experiencing that peace.

Go within, be still, and be aware. Be. You have been doing and doing and peace has been escaping you. Now just be. After all you are a human being not a human doing.

When you are present and realize that awareness, you experience peace, love, and joy. In the space of that awareness which nothing can threaten or destroy, creativity and solutions show up. So when you are so troubled and I ask you to be still, be still.

Experience inner silence.

Welcome home.  

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