Garlic Food – Top 11 Benefits of Consuming Garlic

Garlic Food – Top 11 Benefits of Consuming Garlic

Garlic Food – Top 11 Benefits of Consuming Garlic, it originates from middle Asia somewhere around west China. Garlic food has so many benefits health and otherwise, but let`s focus on the health benefits of garlic food.


#1. Consumption of Garlic food helps detoxify Metals in the body

The sulfur compound in garlic protects against heavy metal toxicity in the body. Research has shown that garlic reduces lead levels in the blood by 19%.

Garlic also reduces clinical signs of toxicity including headaches and blood pressures. So you see three doses of garlic food a day keeps pain killers away, 


#2. Garlic food contains Antioxidants that prevent Alzheimer`s disease and Dementia

Garlic food contains Antioxidants that supports the body`s mechanism against oxidative damage.

Doses of garlic increases antioxidants in the body and also reduce stress in patients with high blood pressure.

Oxidative damage from free radicals contributes to aging in humans. It also reduces cholesterol in the body. Alzheimer`s and Dementia are common brain diseases that garlic food can help prevent.


#3. Garlic is highly nutritious and contains very few calories

Garlic food contains very few calories and is also very rich in vitamins C, B6, and also manganese. It also contains a decent amount of Calcium, Copper, Iron, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Vitamin B1. The fact is Garlic contains a little bit of everything you need for a healthy body.


#4. Garlic food reduces the risk of heart disease by improving cholesterol level

For individuals with high cholesterol level garlic food reduces the cholesterol level by 10 – 15%.

Garlic food lowers LDL and total cholesterol but has no significant effect on HDL and triglycerides.

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#5. Garlic food also helps you live a longer life

Garlic food may not directly help in longevity but with the ability to help in reducing cholesterol, reducing blood pressure, and it`s few calories contents, it may help to increase the life span of individuals.

So yes it can increase the longevity of life with its consumption when one consumes it when sick with the above illness.



#6. Garlic food also helps in improving athletic performance in sportsmen

Garlic food was one of the first performance-enhancing substances. In fact, it was given to athletes in ancient Greece during the Olympics.

It is also used traditionally in some cultures to reduce fatigue and enhance work performance for laborers. Research shows that consumption of garlic by people with heart disease had a 12% reduction effect in peak heart rate.

In all, garlic helps to increase performance in sportsmen and others involved in exercise and other strenuous activities.


#7. Garlic contains compounds with health benefits

It has been known that garlic contains essential compounds that help in enhancing and improving our health. The main compounds in garlic that improves our health are sulfur and allicin.

But however, allicin may only be present in fresh-cut garlic. The sulfur compounds in garlic enters into the body through the digestive tract then it travels all around the body where it deposits potent biological benefits which improves our health.

Therefore, the consumption of garlic improves our health, so try to consume doses of garlic in a day but make sure you don`t take too much of it.


#8. Garlic food combats sicknesses including viral sickness like common cold

One of the many features of garlic is the hotness it gives to the body of the individuals that consumes it. So to that effect, it can also help to combat common illnesses like common cold by bringing some kind of warmth or hotness it gives to the body.

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Therefore, the consumption of garlic by a patient suffering common cold can also help to reduce the effects of the illness and give better and faster relief. So the next time you are down with common cold try adding garlic to your list of remedies.



#9. Garlic improves Bone Health

The consumption of garlic food improves the health of the bone and gives it more fitness and firmness. In addition, Garlic can reduce bone loss by increasing estrogen in females.

Research has shown that daily consumption of garlic by menopausal women helps in decreasing a maker of estrogen deficiency.

In conclusion, garlic helps in improving our bone health because it contains certain minerals like calcium which helps in bone health improvement.


#10. Garlic is easy to include in meal preparation and it adds it`s own special flavor to the meal

The addition of garlic to your diet and meals not just gives health benefits, but also adds special flavor to the food. It is easy to add or use from its main garlic to the powder ones or even the garlic virgin olive oil all can be used to prepare a delicious and healthy meal for the family.

So the next time you are cooking don`t forget to add a dose of garlic to the meal.



#11. The active compounds in Garlic food can reduce blood pressure

It is a proven fact that garlic has several minerals and vitamins in it and even also compounds. It is a proven fact that High doses of garlic improves blood pressure and sometimes has almost the same effects as the medicinal process.

In conclusion, the consumption of garlic helps in improving the general well being of the body. In all, make sure you consume a lot of garlic, add it to your diet, to your list of remedies for common illnesses, and for your overall well being. Click here


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