Eschatology of a Nation (Nigeria) Nation…..” They leave sorrows, tears and blood “Nation…..” They leave sorrows, tears and blood “

Eschatology of a Nation

Eschatology of a Nation (Nigeria) Nigeria, a nation where the president called the youth lazy, those he promised to pay when elected. But when the youth got industrious, bullets were sprayed to send them home, because they ” Soro soke “
Nigeria, with a Shia president, but his mind is blind to all the harams done in his government. A Vice who is Redeemed, but his actions not far from that of a gentile before Paul`s epistles
Nigeria, lost in wonderland when Alice was one of those shut by the command of a Governor
A Governor whose honor is now lame, and will continue to be in memory lane, as a human with no Conscience
Nigeria, the flag hoisted long ago has now been stained with blood and tears, the soul of the innocent
Cries in darkness at Lekki, a rich suburban, turned battleground for our soldiers and not Sambisa
Nigeria, a land prepared for greatness, but how do we get there, when the youths are slained by bandits and terrorist
By the Government, who they voted in, just because they spoke up in the time of Democracy, what hypocrisy!
Nigeria, a nation said to be fighting corruption, but with a corrupt leader, who is mute when the house is in turmoil
They only sleep on sit and fight for pay, care less for them who they represent, oh Lord is this not a nation blessed with milk and honey?
Nigeria, the only one we`ve got, the land of our birth, but our rights are sold on the corridor of power heist
Their regular trademark of sorrows, tears and blood are all we`ve seen, rest in peace Fela, the prophecy you told has been our meal
Great Nigeria, Great Nation

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