Emotional and Rational Thinking

Emotional and Rational Thinking

Our emotions get the upper hand of us when our thinking is related to our loved ones.
Sometimes we make decisions based on emotional precepts rather than rational views.
Sometimes our decisions turn out to be good and vice-versa.
For us to think clearly,  we need to put all emotions aside and judge with facts rather than emotional empathy. We shouldn`t let our emotions get the better place of us as a weapon against us.
When dealing with issues related to people who think of themselves to be clever, we need to be rational when thinking rather than emotional.


We need to think clearly to make decisions based on reasons rather than emotions.
Due to emotional issues, many people are making mistakes in their decision-making process, which is why everything has its own range of limits.
We shouldn`t let our emotions wear us down, try to take control of it or the lack of it will forever control you.
Business shouldn`t be based on emotions, rather it should be based on rational and reasonable precepts.


Our heart is the most vulnerable part of our body as it can easily get hurt. 
It is the most important part of the body, it is responsible for all our emotions.
Emotions should be kept intact and should be handled with utmost care. 
Be wary with what you feed to your mind as your thoughts define your feelings
Feelings are emotions being displayed by us. 
Our heart and mind works in comparison to each other. 
The heart reacts to what the mind feeds to it. Click here 


We humans have the power to control and influence whatever comes our way. 
So you need to take control of your feelings or the lack of it will bring about emotional trauma.

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