Dissolving the Ego
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Dissolving the Ego

Dissolving the Ego

What is required to dissolve the ego now? Notice the ego within yourself. Identify the ego in action. Ego is coming from your thought so drop the thought and bring your attention back to the present moment. You may find this challenging at first but it affords you the opportunity to see how much of your life has been influenced by the ego. It is your thoughts that led you to negative states such as anger, fear, worry, frustration. Notice those thoughts as well as your body`s response to them – emotion.

Are you lost in thought? Simply bring your attention back to the present moment. How? Perceive the smell around you; notice the sight before you; become aware of the physical sensations in and around you; feel the air on your skin.

Take your attention inside your body. Go to your right hand. Can you feel something inside your right hand? Take your attention to your left leg. Can you feel the energy field in it? Do the same for your neck, stomach, and various parts of your body. Now feel the energy field in your body as a whole. Be present. If you can focus on your breath now, you will become present.

Dissolving the Ego

Through these processes I have described, you will begin dissolving your addiction to compulsive thinking and ultimately your ego. Bring your attention back to the Now and simply watch your thought while no longer being possessed by them. Can you see that you are not your thought? Can you see that you are the awareness that experiences the thought? By being present, you create a space between you and the thought. That is not exactly correct because you are actually the space in which the thought shows up. Being the space that you are, you see the thought but you are no longer identified with it. 


At that moment, a stillness will arise in you and you will be connected to Being, your true self. But is that really true? How can you be connected to your true self? That is already implying that there are two of you. So, no, when you are still, you are not connected to your true self, you are being your true self, you are being who you are. Whereas formerly, ego obscured who you are from coming through so that in a sense, you were lost. Now you are present, you are still, your being is as it is, its light shining without being obscured by the ego. This process of misidentifying from the ego and being present takes practice. But as you continue the process, you will be present for longer periods of time and this will impact the quality of your life.

Dissolving the Ego

So, in essence, how do you let go of ego? You don`t. Being aware of the ego brings down its momentum and eventually dissolves it.

Your being has been neglected for long. Your being knows what to do in the present moment but it has always been led by the ego and your ego lacks the capacity to lead your being, This creates what we know as self-conflict. You find yourself in a situation where you experience dissatisfaction, You want something but you are not sure of what you want, You are confused.

So you get the job thinking it will permanently satisfy you only to find out it cannot. You get married thinking that is it but you find out the dissatisfaction comes back. Cars, houses, and money = the dissatisfaction is still there. This is the state most people find themselves in: The state of being in need for a need. At the core of that state is one not being in alignment with Being. You have being doing this and that, trying to be fulfilled. Nothing in this world will give you fulfillment – no thing, no person. Fulfillment is a state. It is a state of you being in alignment with Being – God.

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Dissolving the Ego

Some people act with negativity in an attempt to attract a situation they desire. Such people have been so taken up by the ego that they consider it stupidity to be sincere or display integrity. To be manipulative and shrewd are considered worthwhile traits. They consider being authentic to be dangerous because they think that world is filled with people ready to exploit their authenticity. This causes them to be more closed and the ego is fortified in the process. The problem is that a negative ego can only attract more negative egos in your reality. Negativity does not work. Instead of attracting desirable condition, it stops it from arising. If you own a business, you are not likely to want a competent but `relatively` dishonest accountant. Of course, you are either honest or not. Are you being honest yourself?

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