Being afraid doesn`t make you a weakling as it is totally appropriate for one to be afraid. Not all situations demand your courage, sometimes acting like you are afraid might be the possible solution to your problem.

Being courageous is good but excess of everything always has a negative effect.


What Is Courage?

Courage is the ability to sustain and control yourself in a dangerous situation. It`s not a bad thing to be afraid because even the most courageous man must surely meet his match one day.


Positive Effects Of Being Courageous

1. It deprived you of the opportunity of being afraid.

2. It helps you to stand firm in every situation in life.

3. It makes you believe in your abilities and capabilities.

4. It helps you in understanding yourself better.

5. It makes you be self-assured.

6. It makes you feel optimistic about yourself.


Negative Effects Of Being Courageous

1. Feeling too much of yourself.

2. It makes you look down upon others.

3. Taking other people who are less courageous compared to you as inferior.

4. Making you feel over-hyped in your egos.

In life, experience matters a lot. For you to be courageous over something you must have encountered something similar to it and must have overcome it.

Let me brief you guys on a true-life story starring me as the victim: Right from my childhood days, I`ve always been bullied by both my mates and those older than me due to my small stature and the level of fear in me then was at its peak.

Even at the age of twelve, I was still being bullied and my brothers are no exception when it comes to making a mockery of me and the only thing I was able to do is to cry over it as it always makes me feel whole again. At the age of ten, there is no day that will pass by without me crying but when I realized that crying ain`t gonna solve anything I decided to stand up for myself.

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The bullies stopped when I returned back to the city to complete my education and at that time I was in the senior class. The hearing of my Juniors calling me senior made me realize that I`m no longer a kid anymore and I need to face the world as it presents itself to me. All it`s gonna take Is just a little courage to overcome temptations and obstacles as they surface in your life.



Don`t show your weaknesses to the world as they are more than ready to play with it till their satisfaction and they never get satisfied with seeing you being broke down.

Always keep smiling so that your enemies won`t know when you are in pain.

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