Common Sense and Sensible Thought

Sensible Thought – 

Common Sense and Sensible Thought, Each and every living creature is created with its own sense and ability. We, humans, are the smartest of all creatures. 
Our sense is unique on its own but some of us don`t know when to use it and how to apply it. 

Common Sense – 

Common Sense and Sensible Thought, Some of us act in an unreasonable manner that people around us will be thinking if they are normal at all. A wise man knows himself to be a fool, but a fool thinks of himself to be wise. Now tell me who is more sensible. 
Everyone is special in his own way. You just need to find that which you are specialized in. 


Sometimes you don`t need to think too much or stress yourself so much to solve a problem,  you just need to look around you and make the better use of
 everything you see. 


We encounter in our daily endeavors, most of them always get the upper hand of us and the reason is that we allow them to get into our head. 
Whenever you encounter an obstacle in your trail to success, just think of it as a stepping stone and use it to go high enough as an attachment to your plan.
“The stumbling blocks a person meets that can make his going rough can turn themselves to stepping stones if he steps high enough. But if he thinks of them to be stumbling blocks, he will surely hurt his bones: while if he tries to walk on them, he can make them stepping stones. For he who learns from obstacles to lengthen out his stride can mount his stumbling blocks, and walk upon their upper side.
Always look at the bright side of every problem you encounter and try to make the best of what you have. Do not be afraid! As your enemy can use it as an obstacle against you. 
“Do not be afraid of the shadows in the dark, because it signifies that there is a light nearby”. 
Always look at the positive side of every situation you come across and use it to your benefit.


You shouldn`t deplete your morals by looking down on your ability and your capability. 
Always believe in yourself and give it a go. If you want others to believe in you, you need to, first of all, believe in yourself. 
Never think of yourself as inferior. Believe that you are the best and try in bringing out the best version of yourself. 
“Aim for the moon because even if you miss you will land on the stars”.
Never let anyone discourage you in whatever you aspire to achieve. Click here


Learn to love yourself for no one can make you feel inferior without your permission so take all part of your life into consideration as everything about you matters a lot.

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