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Chaos and Order

Chaos and Order

Reality unfolds before us as chaos and order.

Chaos is the things and situations we neither know nor understand. We neither know nor understand them because we have not been there, we have not explored the territory. It is the domain of ignorance that extends without limit beyond the boundaries of all ideas and disciplines. Chaos is where you find yourself when things fall apart when your relationship ends when you lose your job when your business shuts down. You find yourself in chaos when you are confused. Chaos is where you are when you don`t know where you are and what you do when you don`t know what you are doing.

Order on the other hand is explored territory. It is the structure of society. We have a hierarchy of place, position, and authority. That is order. Order is the tradition we have. It is our home, our religion, and our country. You have ordered when the world behaves according to your desires and expectations. Order is when you are aware what you are doing is producing what you want to happen. It is order because you can predict it. You do something so that something else happens and it happens. You know where you are, you know what you are doing and things are working. There is nothing to be nervous about so you are calm. You feel competent. Why? Things are working.

The nature of reality is order and chaos. We experience both.

You want some level of certainty in your life, you want stability, you want things to go according to your plan, and you have order when it happens that way. Order is a place you like to be in. In order, you can make long-term plans. What you may not have noticed is what is lurking beneath the order – chaos.

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Differences between Chaos and Order

Your position at your place of work is order. Chaos is when you lose your job. Order is the stability of having your partner in marriage. Chaos is that stability crumbling under your feet when you discover your partner`s infidelity. Order is driving the car you have owned for years on the road. Chaos is when the brakes fail. Order is when you enjoy the health of your mind and body. Chaos is heart failure or cancer. So look out even when you are enjoying order, you can land in chaos in a second.

Could one say that reality is made up of order and chaos? Let us see.

You have two brain hemispheres – left and right. So it looks like reality must have two elements otherwise why would we need two hemispheres? A good question to ask then is, “What are they specialized for?” It turns out the left hemisphere is specialized for those places where routines work. And the right hemisphere is specialized for those places you go when you don`t know what you are doing. So the left hemisphere is specialized for order and the right hemisphere is specialized for chaos.

Order and chaos are not the domains of matter but they matter. It make up the nature of nature.


Chaos and Order

Order From Chaos
Order From Chaos



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