SIMILARITIES OF LIFE – In this planet called earth which is the home FOR humans our universal language is “English”, we “African” get to know how to speak it with influence because of the colonization of the British in west Africa. It means as our lingua-franca (secondary language). You will bear with me that some of the […]

Melancholy Temperament Strengths and Weaknesses

Melancholy Temperament Strengths and Weaknesses An analytical intellect; detail-oriented. Efficient, realistic, pragmatic. Reflective, studious, philosophical. Retentive faculty of memory well-developed. Thinking can be too rigid, dogmatic. A prudent, cautious, pessimistic mental outlook. practical, pragmatic, realistic, reliable, dependable.   A reflective, stoic, philosophical bent can be nervous, high strung. serious, averse to gambling, risk-taking can be moody, depressed, […]

Sexual Crimes

Sexual crimes have become more rampant than usual and are one of the most serious issues in our World today. According to Indian law. As defined literally, it means that there is sexual force upon someone without any consent. This victim can be a child, adult, male or female, young or old irrespective.   Sexual assault can […]

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