Cashew Nuts – 7 Incredible Benefits of Consuming Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts – 7 Incredible Benefits of Consuming Cashew Nuts, Cashew nuts originated from Brazil and was brought to India by traders. It is high on minerals. The but and the fruit has multiple purposes and uses.

The but could be roasted and eaten dry or used to make delectable and rich curries.

Here are a few benefits cashew nuts gives you when it is consumed.


#1. Cashew Nuts Heart Health

According to researchs, it has been shown that nuts are beneficial for your health as it helps prevent some illnesses especially heart diseases.

Cashew intake has a cholesterol lowering effect in the context of a health diet. It also have beneficial effects on oxidative stress, inflammation and vascular reactivity.

Cashew helps lower LDL and increase the carrying capacity for HDL. HDL is responsible to absorb the cholesterol from the heart and take it to the liver where it can be broken down.

Studies has shown that for a healthy living, four servings of unsalted, un-oiled nuts a week but warns against eating too many since they are dense in calories.

The nutrients in nuts such as unsaturated fatty acids, protein, fibre, miners, vitamins and Antioxidants may confer heart protective, anti carcinogenic and anti inflammatory properties.


#2. Cashew Nuts prevents blood disease

The consumption of cashew on a regular but limited rate may help to prevent blood disease.

Cashews are rich in copper which plays an important role in the elimination of free radicals from the body.

Copper deficiency can lead to iron deficiency such as anaemia. Therefore, our diet should contain a recommended quantity of copper and cashew nuts is a reasonable source of that.

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#3. Protects the eye

In the urban community where we live, pollution is a common occurrence and the one of the eye is not an exception.

Cashew nuts contains a powerful Antioxidant pigment called Zea Xanthin. This pigment is readily and directly absorbed by our retina. It then forms a protective layer over our retina and prevents the harmful UV Ray.


#4. Weight Loss

Research has shown that people who consume cashew nuts on a regular basis tends to lose weight very fast. People don`t get fat from losing weight.

Research has also shown that cashew nuts consumers have a lower BMI than non consumers.

Cashew contains Omega 3fatty acid s that contribute to giving a boost to the metalic process to burn excess fat.


#5. Source of Dietary fibres

According to studies, cashew nuts have a great percentage of dietary fibres. The two essential dietary fibres required for our body are Oleic Palmitic acid.

These fibres are not produced by our body, hence they need to be consumed externally. Dietary fibres help digest Food better.

However, excessive consumption may cause bloating and significant intestinal gas production.

Consumption of cashew nuts helps to prevent and reduce incidences of digestive diseases. Click


#6. How Cashew Nuts makes the skin good

Cashew nuts oil does alot for your skin when applied to the skin.

This oil is derived from the cashew nuts and is rich in selenium, zinc, magnesium, iron and phosphorus. They are also great sources of phytochemicals, proteins and Antioxidants.

The high percentage of selenium in cashew is not only good for your skin but also helps to prevent cancer.


#7. Healthy and shiny hair

According to experts, the consumption of cashew and also the application of it`s oil on your scalp ensures a healthy hair growth.


Copper present in cashew nut oil helps in the production of skin and hair pigment called melanin

It also enhances hair color and can provide a silky smooth texture die to the presence of linoleic and Oleic acids.

Above are 7 benefits cashew nut provides to the body. The benefits are both health and beauty benefits. So always remember to add cashew to your diet and it`s oil to your beauty products. Click here

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