Artemis Fowl is a 2020 American science fantasy adventure film directed by Kenneth Branagh. The film is from a screenplay co-written by Hamish McColl and Conor McPherson, based on the 2001 novel of the same name by Irish author Eoin Colfer. It stars Lara McDonnell, Ferdia Shaw, Nonso Anozie, Josh Gad, Colin Farrell, Tamara Smart, and Judi Dench. Artemis Fowl was intended to be a theatrical release but was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, it was released digitally on Disney+ on the 12th of June, 2020.

Artemis Fowl


Director: Kenneth Branagh
Producer: Kenneth Branagh and Judy Hofflund
Screenplay: Conor McPherson and Hamish McColl
Starring: Ferdia Shaw, Lara McDonnell, Josh Gad, Tamara Smart, Nonso Anozie, Colin Farrell, and Judi Dench
Music by: Patrick Doyle
Cinematography: Haris Zambarloukos
Editor: Matthew Tucker
Production company: Walt Disney Pictures, TriBeCa Productions, and Marzano Films
Distributors: Disney+
Release date: June 12, 2020
Duration: 95 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English

Casts in Artemis Fowl

  • Ferdia Shaw as Artemis Fowl II. Artemis Fowl II is a 12-year-old human criminal mastermind, with exceptionally high intelligence.
  • Lara McDonnell as Holly Short. An 84-year-old elven reconnaissance officer of the LEPrecon, whom Artemis kidnaps to hold to ransom.
  • Josh Gad as Mulch Diggums. Mulch is an imprisoned dwarfus giganticus gentleman thief who agrees to work for the LEP.
  • Tamara Smart as Juliet Butler. Domovoi’s 12-year-old niece and protege. Artemis’ best friend.
  • Nonso Anozie as Domovoi “Dom” Butler. Artemis’ bodyguard and trusted servant whose family has served the Fowls for generations.
  • Colin Farrell as Artemis Fowl I. He is Artemis’ absent father and criminal mastermind.
  • Judi Dench as Commander Julius Root. Holly’s 802-year-old commanding officer in the LEP.
  • Hong Chau as the voice of Opal Koboi. She is a pixie from Ho Chi Minh City who kidnaps Artemis’ father. She physically portrays Koboi in a deleted scene.
  • Jessica Rhodes, Emily Brockmann, and Charlie Cameron physically portray Koboi overlooking the elder kidnapped Fowl.
  • Nikesh Patel as Foaly. He is a centaur and the LEPrecon division’s technical advisor.
  • Joshua McGuire as Briar Cudgeon. He is a power-hungry lieutenant in the LEP.
  • Chi-Lin Nim as Trouble Kelp.  A captain of the LEP.
  • Lewy Xing as Grub Kelp.  A corporal of the LEP.
  • Adrian Scarborough as the Goblin Chief
  • Vincenzo Nicoli as the Goblin Sergeant
  • Conor MacNeill as the Goblin Lieutenant
  • Taylor James and Adam Basil as the Troll
  • William Moseley as Italian Man

Plot Summary

Artemis Fowl follows the journey of 12-year-old genius Artemis Fowl, a descendant of an extended line of criminal masterminds, as he desperately tries to save his father who has been kidnapped. So as to pay his ransom, Artemis must infiltrate an ancient, underground civilization—the amazingly advanced world of fairies—and bring the kidnapper “Aculos”, the fairies’ most powerful and coveted magical device. However, to locate the elusive object, Artemis made a dangerous plan—so dangerous that he ultimately finds himself during a perilous war of wits with the all-powerful fairies.

Artemis Fowl on Disney+

The film was released digitally on Disney+ on the 12th of June, 2020. Therefore, it is available in Disney+, so there is no need to go to the Cinema.

Movie Trailer

Watch the official trailer 2020 of Artemis Fowl below.

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